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AspectCore-Framework - AspectCore is an AOP-based cross platform framework for .NET Standard.

AspectCore is an Aspect-Oriented Programming based cross platform framework for .NET Core and .NET Framework.Core support for aspect-interceptor,dependency injection integration , web applications , data validation , and more.

jsface - Small, fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library

JSFace supports both server side (CommonJS) and client side JavaScript (browser). JSFace supports a special method named main(). main() is executed right after the class is created.

aspect.js - Aspect-oriented programming library for the future generations...

Library for aspect-oriented programming with JavaScript, which takes advantage of ECMAScript 2016 decorators syntax.For further reading on decorators, take a look at the spec.

after_do - after_do allows you to add simple callbacks to methods

after_do is a simple gem, that helps you fight cross-cutting concerns with an approach similar to Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). after_do allows you to execute blocks (callbacks) after/before specific methods of a class or a module are called. Well to fight cross-cutting concerns. These are concerns in an applications that apply to multiple objects (e.g. they cross-cut). A popular example is logging - you might want to log multiple actions of different classes but logging is not the primary concern of the class in question. With logging you litter all your code with logging statements - that concern is spread over many files and adds unnecessary noise to them. With after_do you could put all the logging in one file. Other use cases include gathering business statistics or redrawing timing of elements. This should generally not be done to alter behavior of the class and its instances - this makes programs more confusing rather than easier to understand.

NCop - Composite-aspect oriented framework for .NET

NCop is a framework that implements Composite/Aspect Oriented Programming that encapsulates the concepts of Mixins, Aspects and Dependency Injection, using the standard .NET. The main purpose of composites is separation of concerns. You achieve it by defining different roles within different entities and combine all of them using NCop (much like multiple inheritance). A mixin is an interface with implemented methods. Mixins exists in .NET in the form of object oriented interfaces implementation.

jsAspect - Aspect-oriented framework for JavaScript

In computing, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm that aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns. AOP forms a basis for aspect-oriented software development. Or download the minified file in the dist folder.

Ray.Aop - An aspect-oriented framework for PHP

Ray.Aop package provides method interception. This feature enables you to write code that is executed each time a matching method is invoked. It's suited for cross cutting concerns ("aspects"), such as transactions, security and logging. Because interceptors divide a problem into aspects rather than objects, their use is called Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP). A Matcher is a simple interface that either accepts or rejects a value. For Ray.AOP, you need two matchers: one that defines which classes participate, and another for the methods of those classes. To make this easy, there's factory class to satisfy the common scenarios.

KYHooker - A library for complex aspect oriented programming

KYHooker allows you adds block of code before/replace/after the selector,and you can manage the block with the identifer,remove or override the code you adds.

aspectgo - Aspect-Oriented Programming framework for Go

AspectGo is an AOP framework for Go. You can write an aspect in a simple Go-compatible grammar. I'm hoping to propose merging AspectGo to the upstream of golang.org/x/exp if possible, but no concret plan yet.