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vc-platform - VirtoCommerce Platform repository

  •    Javascript

Enterprise .NET ecommerce platform for B2B and B2C solutions. Virto Commerce is based on .NET 4.6 (soon to be migrated to .net core) with extensive use of MVC, IoC, EF, Azure, Angular JS and many other cutting edge technologies. It can be deployed in Microsoft Cloud (Azure), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premise. It also support Docker deployment and images can be found on docker.io.Virto Commerce is updated almost daily and new modules can be downloaded using "Modules" blade in admin console.

vc-storefront - VirtoCommerce Storefront for ASP.NET (.NET Framework) repository

  •    CSharp

Official online shopping website based on VirtoCommerce Platform. The website is a client application for VC Platform and uses only public APIs while communicating.Setup your own private Microsoft Cloud environment and evaluate the latest version of Virto Commerce Storefront, read more.

azure-signalr - Azure SignalR Service SDK for .NET

  •    CSharp

Microsoft Azure SignalR SDK for .NET helps you to instantly build Azure applications with real-time messaging functionality, taking advantage of scalable cloud computing resources. This repository contains the open source subset of the .NET SDK.

CSE-Telehealth-Samples - Sample code and documentation for building virtual meetings with Office 365

  •    CSharp

This solution provides sample code for services that enable telehealth virtual visits between patients and care providers using Office 365. This solution is in the same spirit as the Skype for Business healthcare templates, but aims to exemplify how to integrate a Skype for Business-powered virtual visit workflow into existing applications, such as an EMR or billing management software using REST APIs. It is intended to serve as a reference, and will likely need to be adjusted to match your particular workflow. This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE file for details.