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forge - A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto-based and network-heavy webapps

  •    Javascript

A native implementation of TLS (and various other cryptographic tools) in JavaScript. The Forge software is a fully native implementation of the TLS protocol in JavaScript, a set of cryptography utilities, and a set of tools for developing Web Apps that utilize many network resources.

phpseclib - PHP Secure Communications Library

  •    PHP

To report a security vulnerability, please use the Tidelift security contact. Tidelift will coordinate the fix and disclosure.

node-snmp-native - Native Javascript SNMP library for Node.js

  •    Javascript

It's optimized for polling tens of thousands of counters on hundreds or thousands of hosts in a parallell manner. This is known to work (although performance might be limited by less than optimal SNMP agent implementations in random network gear). Create a Session. The Session constructor, like most of the other functions, take an options object. The options passed to the Session will be the defaults for any subsequent function calls on that session, but can be overridden as needed. Useful parameters here are host, port and family.

asn1crypto - Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API

  •    Python

A fast, pure Python library for parsing and serializing ASN.1 structures. Python has long had the pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules available for parsing and serializing ASN.1 structures. While the project does include a comprehensive set of tools for parsing and serializing, the performance of the library can be very poor, especially when dealing with bit fields and parsing large structures such as CRLs.

certlint - X.509 certificate linter, written in Go

  •    Go

This package is a work in progress. The 'certlint' command line utility included with this package can be used to test a single certificate or a large pem container to bulk test millions of certificates. The command is used to test the linter on a large number of certificates but could use fresh up to reduce code complexity.

dumpasn1 - Display the contents of ASN.1 encoded data

  •    C

Displays contents of ASN.1 encoded data. See https://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/ for details.

asn1tools - ASN.1 parsing, encoding and decoding.

  •    Python

A Python package for ASN.1 parsing, encoding and decoding. This project is under development and does only support a subset of the ASN.1 specification syntax.

asn1go - ASN.1 schema parsing and code generation

  •    Go

Currently existing Go libraries for asn1 support are either reflection-based (crypto/asn1) or very low-level (golang.org/x/crypto/cryptobyte). Idea is to provide Protobuf-like experience for working with ASN1 in Golang. Originally started to back gorberos kerberos wannabe-library.

gcdc-asn1 - ASN.1 data types and UPER encoder/decoder

  •    Java

Java annotations to augment Java classes with information from ASN.1 specifications. These annotations can later be used by encoders like asn1-uper. Datatypes are enough to handle camdenm. There is no compiler yet, so Java classes and annotations have to be created and added manually.

pyasn1-modules - ASN.1 modules for pyasn1 library

  •    Python

The pyasn1-modules package contains a collection of ASN.1 data structures expressed as Python classes based on pyasn1 data model. If ASN.1 module you need is not present in this collection, try using Asn1ate tool that compiles ASN.1 documents into pyasn1 code.

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