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progit2 - Pro Git 2nd Edition

  •    CSS

Welcome to the second edition of the Pro Git book. Like the first edition, the second edition of Pro Git is open source under a Creative Commons license.

swagger2markup - A Swagger to AsciiDoc or Markdown converter to simplify the generation of an up-to-date RESTful API documentation by combining documentation that’s been hand-written with auto-generated API documentation

  •    Java

The primary goal of this project is to simplify the generation of an up-to-date RESTful API documentation by combining documentation that’s been hand-written with auto-generated API documentation produced by Swagger. The result is intended to be an up-to-date, easy-to-read, on- and offline user guide, comparable to GitHub’s API documentation. The output of Swagger2Markup can be used as an alternative to swagger-ui and can be served as static content. NOTE: The Swagger Specification has been donated to to the Open API Initiative (OAI) and has been renamed to the OpenAPI Specification. Swagger2Markup converts a Swagger JSON or YAML file into several AsciiDoc or GitHub Flavored Markdown documents which can be combined with hand-written documentation. The Swagger source file can be located locally or remotely via HTTP. Swagger2Markup supports the Swagger 1.2 and 2.0 specification. Internally it uses the official swagger-parser and my markup-document-builder.

AsciiDoctor - A fast, open source text processor and publishing toolchain, written in Ruby, for converting AsciiDoc

  •    Ruby

Asciidoctor is a fast, open source, Ruby-based text processor for parsing AsciiDoc into a document model and converting it to output formats such as HTML 5, DocBook 5, manual pages, PDF, EPUB 3, and other formats.

asciidoctor-pdf - :page_with_curl: Asciidoctor PDF: A native PDF converter for AsciiDoc based on Asciidoctor and Prawn, written entirely in Ruby

  •    Ruby

Prawn is a nimble PDF writer for Ruby. More important, it’s a hackable platform that offers both high level APIs for the most common needs and low level APIs for bending the document model to accommodate special circumstances. With Prawn, you can write text, draw lines and shapes and place images anywhere on the page and add as much color as you like. In addition, it brings a fluent API and aggressive code re-use to the printable document space.

md-writer - ✒️ Make Atom a better Markdown/AsciiDoc editor for writers and bloggers

  •    CoffeeScript

Works great with static blogging as well. Try it with Jekyll, Octopress, Hexo or any of your favorite static blog engines. More GIFs Here: Create New Post, Insert Reference Link, Remove Reference Link.


  •    Javascript

This project uses Opal to transpile Asciidoctor, a modern implementation of AsciiDoc, from Ruby to JavaScript to produce asciidoctor.js. The asciidoctor.js script can be run on any JavaScript platform, including Node.js, Nashorn and, of course, a web browser. You can use Asciidoctor.js either for back-end development using Node.js or front-end development using a browser.

asciidoctor-vscode - AsciiDoc support for Visual Studio Code using Asciidoctor

  •    TypeScript

An extension that provides live preview, syntax highlighting and snippets for the AsciiDoc format using Asciidoctor flavor. Alternatively you can use the built-in extension browser to find the AsciiDoc by joaompinto extension and install it.

mup - A markup previewer

  •    Python

MUP is a markup previewer. It supports multiple markup formats. You can use it to read markup text, but it is also useful when writing markup text to check how your work looks, thanks to its refresh-as-you-save feature. MUP supports Markdown and reStructuredText using Python modules.

eBook-Template - Template to create PDF, ePub and Kindle books with Asciidoctor

  •    CSS

This is a new version of the classic template for eBooks. You can use this code to kickstart your writing project from scratch. The primary motivation of this template is versioning. Being able to use plain text files as input for the book brings the possibility of versioning each change individually using Git, Subversion or any other similar tool. This also opens up the door to collaboration among team members when editing a document.

asciidoctor-htmlbook - Asciidoctor HTMLBook is an Asciidoctor backend for converting AsciiDoc documents to HTMLBook documents

  •    Ruby

Asciidoctor HTMLBook is an Asciidoctor backend for converting AsciiDoc documents to HTMLBook documents.

asciideck - Asciidoc for Erlang.

  •    Erlang

Asciidoc for Erlang. The asciideck project aims to provide a parser for Asciidoc files returning an abstract syntax tree that can be further manipulated or used to convert documents to different formats.

generator-jhipster-swagger2markup - JHipster module to create static api docs with swagger2markup

  •    Javascript

This is a JHipster module, that is meant to be use in a JHipster application. As this is a JHipster module, we expect you have JHipster and its related tools already installed.

rimu - Readable text to HTML markup language

  •    TypeScript

Rimu is a readable-text to HTML markup language inspired by AsciiDoc and Markdown. This will output "<p>Hello <em>Rimu</em>!</p>".

infoq-mini-book - Template project for creating an InfoQ Mini-Book with Asciidoctor

  •    CSS

This is an awesome book. It’s written in AsciiDoc and compiles to HTML, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI using the Asciidoctor Gradle plugin. Open build/asciidoc/html5/index.html in your browser to see the generated HTML file.

asciidoc-book-toolchain - Book publishing toolchain based on AsciiDoc

  •    XSLT

This toolchain has been created and is used in the first place to publish The Hacker's Guide to Python. The Makefile generates two different PDF format. The first one named book.pdf is for the electronic version of the book, and embed the cover image. The second one, named book.printable.pdf is intended to be printed on paper, so it does not include the cover and have slightly different dimensions.

easyblogger - Python client for Blogger platform

  •    Python

Blog to blogger from the command line. The tool needs to be granted access to manage the blog. Google APIs use OAuth2.

hexo-renderer-asciidoc - Asciidoc renderer plugin for Hexo

  •    Javascript

Add support for Asciidoc. This plugin uses asciidoctor.js as render engine.

document-outline - Atom plugin for showing interactive document outlines

  •    TeX

Displays a hierarchical, interactive outline tree view for document markup. Also registers as an outline provider for Atom-IDE for the supported document types.

libasciidoc - A Golang library for processing Asciidoc files.

  •    Go

Libasciidoc is an open source Go library that converts Asciidoc content into HTML (other output formats may be supported in the future). It is is available under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

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