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laravel-terminal - Runs artisan command in web application

  •    PHP

Include the service provider within app/config/app.php. The service povider is needed for the generator artisan command.

laravel-tail - An artisan command to tail your application logs

  •    PHP

This package offers an Artisan command to tail the application log. It supports daily and single logs on your local machine. Spatie is a webdesign agency in Antwerp, Belgium. You'll find an overview of all our open source projects on our website.

laravel-db-snapshots - Quickly dump and load databases

  •    PHP

This package provides Artisan commands to quickly dump and load databases in a Laravel application. This package supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

artisan-view - :eyes: Manage your views in Laravel projects through artisan

  •    PHP

You'll have to follow a couple of simple steps to install this package. If you're using Laravel 5.5, you can skip this step. The service provider will have already been registered thanks to auto-discovery.

generator - Laravel 5.3+ Scaffold Generator, Support both bootstrap and Semantic UI

  •    PHP

Laravel Scaffold Generator, for Laravel 5.3. You're all set. Run php artisan from the console, and you'll see the new commands make:scaffold.

laravel-ng-artisan-generators - Laravel artisan AngularJS generators

  •    PHP

AngularJS generators for Artisan. Originally created at laravel5-angular-material-starter. If you're using the starter project, then it's already pre-installed.

vscode-laravel-artisan - Visual Studio Code Laravel Artisan Extension

  •    TypeScript

Run Laravel Artisan commands from within Visual Studio Code. Once you have installed the extension, it will become active once you open a workspace that has artisan within the root directory. You can then open the command pallet, and start running the commands. Just type Artisan: to get a list of commands.

laravel-link-checker - Check all links in a Laravel application

  •    PHP

This package provides a command that can check all links on your laravel app. By default, it will log all links that do not return a status code in the 200- or 300-range. There's also an option to mail broken links. If you like this package, take a look at the other ones we have made.

laravel-mailable-test - An artisan command to easily test mailables

  •    PHP

Do you have to fill out an entire form just to test a mail sent by your app? Or even worse, complete an entire checkout process to just view and debug an order confirmation mail? Stop. The. Madness. The given mailable will be sent to the given recipient. Any parameters handed to the __construct method of the mailable class will be automatically passed in.

laravel-migrate-fresh - An artisan command to build up a database from scratch

  •    PHP

Laravel has a migrate:refresh command to build up the database using migrations. To clear the database it'll first rollback all migrations by using the down method in each migration. But what if you don't use the down method inside your projects? The migrate:refresh command will fail as the database isn't cleared first.

laravel-artisan-dd - Quickly run some code via Artisan

  •    PHP

Laravel's tinker command allows to run any code you want as if you are inside your Laravel app. But if you want to run a single line of code if can be a bit bothersome. You must start up tinker, type the code, press enter, and quit tinker. This package contains an Artisan command to dd anything from the commandline. No need to start and quit tinker anymore.

artisanize - Artisanize your Symfony Console commands

  •    PHP

Then, in your command files, rather than extend Symfony's base command (Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command), extend the Artisanize Command class (Artisanize\Command). Define signature and description properties and a handle method on the class. A command class has three components: a signature, a description, and a handle method.

vue-routisan - Elegant route definitions for Vue Router. Based on Laravel routing system.

  •    Javascript

Elegant route definitions for Vue Router. Based on Laravel routing system. The view resolver allows the view() method to automatically require components for your routes. This saves you from having repetitive imports and requires when defining routes.

laravel-api-example - 💻 Build an API with Laravel 5

  •    PHP

We can use this handy script for generating a new Laravel 5 app. I also wrote this Medium article that goes through installing and configuring a MySQL database for a Laravel 5 application. I find myself refering back to it regularly.

env-providers - :construction_worker: Load Laravel service providers based on your application's environment

  •    PHP

A more finetuned way of managing your service providers in Laravel. This package allows you to configure the environment certain service providers and aliases are loaded in. After that, you should see the file config/providers.php. In the created configuration file you can see 2 pre-defined provider groups that will help you set up what providers and aliases should be loaded when the application is in any of the given environments.

flex-env - :deciduous_tree: Manage your .env file in Laravel projects through artisan

  •    PHP

Note: If you're using Laravel 5.5, you're done! The service provider is automatically registered in the container, thanks to auto-discovery. The commands in this package should now be registered. Simply run php artisan, and you will see them in the list.

create-user-command - 🦀 Create User with artisan

  •    PHP

Create a user with artisan command. Define fillable attributes in your User class.

artisan-cloudflare - Laravel artisan commands for CloudFlare

  •    PHP

Laravel artisan commands for interacting with the CloudFlare API. You can install the package via composer. This package requires Laravel 5.1 or higher.

artisan-menu - 📝 Artisan Menu - Use Artisan via an elegant console GUI

  •    PHP

To install, just run the following Composer command from the root of your project. If you using Larvel 5.4 or below, you may need to add DivineOmega\ArtisanMenu\Providers\ArtisanMenuServiceProvider::class to the providers array in your config/app.php file.