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xProcess - Agile based Project Management

  •    Java

xProcess, for project management and process improvement, focuses particularly on agile and priority-driven approaches. The preconfigured processes, eg. Scrum, FDD, Prince2, Unified, can be tailored. Gantt/Burndowns/target status are continually updated.

JFrog - Artifact Repository Manager

  •    Java

JFrog is an universal Artifact Repository Manager on the market, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. As a local proxy to the outside world, Artifactory guarantees consistent access to the components needed by your build tools. Remote artifacts are cached locally for reuse, so that you don’t have to download them over and over again. Automate all aspects of artifact management using a powerful REST API.

Achievo - Flexible web-based project management

  •    PHP

Achievo is flexible web-based resource management software that is suitable for any medium sized company that needs to keep track of its resources, projects, clients, contacts, planning and daily scheduling. Achievo's core is available in more than 20 languages.

Mahara - ePortfolio system

  •    PHP

Mahara is a fully-featured web application to build your electronic portfolio. ePortfolio is a generic term which includes digital artifacts like documents, images, blogs, resumés, multimedia, hyperlinks and contact information. Mahara helps to mange digital artifacts. Its feature include File repository, Resume builder, Blog, Interoperable with Learning management systems and lot more.

Eclipse Package Drone - Software Artifact Repository

  •    Java

Eclipse Package Drone is a software artifact repository. A system which stores software packages (like JAR files, Debian Packages, …), extracts information, transforms these and provide access via different repository interfaces. Package Drone's initial focus was on providing a repository system for the different repository formats (like P2, Maven, OBR and OSGi R5) with a focus on OSGi. Over the time the system was enhanced to allow pluggable adapters for other content types and repository adapters.

Strongbox - Artifact repository manager.

  •    Java

Strongbox is a modern OSS artifact repository manager. With a well-developed architecture, it provides native implementations for various layout formats, such as Maven, NPM, NuGet, and Raw.

get - Download Electron release artifacts

  •    TypeScript

The version downloaded can be overriden by setting the ELECTRON_CUSTOM_VERSION environment variable. Setting this environment variable will override the version passed in to download or downloadArtifact. By default, the module uses got as the downloader. As a result, you can use the same options via downloadOptions.

ArtifactDeckCode - Reference code and documentation for Artifact deck codes

  •    PHP

This repository consists of 2 files that will assist in the encoding and decoding of deck codes. These are source examples in PHP that can be used as is or as reference for porting to other languages. This README also contains an explanation of the card set API and corresponding json responses. Deck Codes are URL friendly base64 encoded strings that allow communication of deck contents. They will always begin with the characters ADC followed by the encoded string.

gradle-maven-plugin - Gradle 5.x Maven Publish Plugin to deploy artifacts


This is a small "plugin" to simplify the use of maven-publish Gradle plugin. You can use this plugin for Java Library and Android Library. GradleMavenizer is highly customizable.

uac - UAC (Unix-like Artifacts Collector) is a Live Response collection tool for Incident Reponse that makes use of built-in tools to automate the collection of Unix-like systems artifacts

  •    Shell

UAC is a Live Response collection tool for Incident Response that makes use of built-in tools to automate the collection of Unix-like systems artifacts. It respects the order of volatility and artifacts that are changed during the execution. It was created to facilitate and speed up data collection, and depend less on remote support during incident response engagements. UAC can also be run against mounted forensic images. Please take a look at the conf/uac.conf file for more details.

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