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Mitm - Man in the middle tool

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This tool can be use to perform a man in the middle using ARP poisoning on two given hosts.Using osdep, a tunnel creation library which is part of the aircrack project, it can set up an interface (mitm0) in which the replayed packets will be written (to sniff easily).

The-Eye - Simple security surveillance script for linux distributions.

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Simple security surveillance script for linux distributions. The Eye can detect possible ARP poisoning, DNS spoofing and suspicous connections(meterpreter/reverse shell/bind shell) on tcp. Checks the arp chache and default gateway continiosly.

ARPPD - An ARP Poisoning Defender script

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ARPPD protects your PC against Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks. This is a script written in C to provide protection against malicious ARP attacks, which changes the gateway's MAC Address in the ARP table of a victim's PC. Check out my blog post here for details on how the script works.

dhammer - DHCP stress tester and benchmark tool

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Dhammer is a stress-tester for DHCP servers. It currently only supports DHCPv4, but it was created with the strong intention of including DHCPv6 in the very near future. Please, read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this document.

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