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argo-workflows - Workflow engine for Kubernetes

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Argo Workflows is an open source container-native workflow engine for orchestrating parallel jobs on Kubernetes. Argo Workflows is implemented as a Kubernetes CRD (Custom Resource Definition). Argo is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosted project.

active-monitor - Provides deep monitoring and self-healing of Kubernetes clusters

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Active-Monitor is a Kubernetes custom resource controller which enables deep cluster monitoring and self-healing using Argo workflows. While it is not too difficult to know that all entities in a cluster are running individually, it is often quite challenging to know that they can all coordinate with each other as required for successful cluster operation (network connectivity, volume access, etc).

ansible-role-argo-workflows - Ansible Role - Argo Workflows


This is an Ansible role to set up Argo Workflows in a single namespace. Check out the blog post on Medium for a detailed walkthrough.

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