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FileMasta - Search servers for video, music, books, software, games, subtitles and much more

  •    CSharp

FileMasta is a search engine allowing you to find a file among millions of files located on FTP-servers. The search engine database contains the regularly updated information on the contents of thousands FTP-servers worldwide. We don't search the contents of the files. We host no content, we provide only access to already available files in the same way Google and other search engines do.

node-ls-archive - Node Module for archive files

  •    CoffeeScript

List or read the files and folders inside archive files.List the files and folders inside the archive file path. The callback gets two arguments (error, archiveEntries).

diva.js - :books: IIIF-compatible document image viewer

  •    Javascript

Diva.js (Document Image Viewer with AJAX) is a JavaScript book image viewer designed to present multi-page documents at multiple resolutions. For a complete list of new features, bug fixes and API changes, view the changelog.

assemble-boilerplate-blog - Assemble boilerplate with the essential middleware, helpers, templates and (opinionated) configuration necessary to easily create a blog with Assemble

  •    CSS

Assemble boilerplate with the essential middleware, helpers, templates and (opinionated) configuration necessary to easily create a blog with Assemble. Heads up! This project is under construction! If you take a look around you'll see multiple (duplicate) config files (assemble.js, gulpfile.js etc). We're just playing around with the config until it feels right. We'll end up with one config file and we'll add some examples for other configs.

UnifiedArchive - UnifiedArchive - unified interface to all popular archive formats (zip, 7z, rar, gz, bz2, xz, cab, tar, tar

  •    PHP

UnifiedArchive - unified interface to all popular archive formats (zip # 7z # rar # gz # bz2 # xz # cab # tar # tar.gz # tar.bz2 # tar.x # tar.Z # iso-9660) for listing, reading, extracting and creation + built-in console archive manager + PclZip-like interface for zip archives. If on your site there is a possibility of uploading of archives and you would like to add functionality of their automatic unpacking and viewing with no dependency on format of the archive, you can use this library.

grav-plugin-archives - Grav Archives Plugin

  •    PHP

Archives is a Grav plugin that automatically appends a month_year taxonomy to all pages. It then provides a partials\archives.html.twig template which you can include in a blog sidebar, that then is able to create links that will display pages from that month/year. This is a very handy feature to have for blogs. Installing the Archives plugin can be done in one of two ways. Our GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the plugin with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.

HackTheStacks - The 3rd Annual American Museum of Natural History Hackathon produced by the BridgeUP:STEM initiative


The root directory of this repository contains data, documents, and images that are general purpose and could pertain to multiple challenges. Challenge specific data, documents, and images can be found under the challenges directory in a subdirectory with the same name as that challenge. Cloning this repository will give you local copies of all source files involved with all challenges that are not available on hard drives at the event (see organizers or librarians for details). Following the Rules. By participating in Hack the Stacks, you agree to comply with this Code of Conduct, the Museum’s policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources (which you may read upon connecting to the Museum wireless network), Museum policies and procedures regarding the safety and security of its visitors, guests, facilities and collections, and the direction of Museum staff and volunteers while you are at the event. Participants who do not comply with any of the above may be asked to leave the event and may be prohibited from participating in similar future events at the Museum.

RapidMavenPushPlugin - A Gradle plugin : Upload Artifacts to Multi Maven Repository

  •    Groovy

A Gradle plugin : Upload your library Artifacts to Multi Maven Repository. NOTE: When project.afterEvaluate, all properties are automatically injected into project.ext, so you can use it like $POM_ARCHIVE_ID after that.

unrar_wrapper - unrar_wrapper is a wrapper python script that transforms the basic UnRAR commands to unar and lsar calls in order to provide a backwards compatibility

  •    Python

UnRAR wrapper (unrar_wrapper.py) is a wrapper python script that transforms the basic UnRAR commands to unar and lsar calls in order to provide a backwards compatibility. UnRAR is freeware command-line application for extracting RAR file archives. Unfortunately, this piece of software is non-free and therefore in many distributions, it's beeing replaced by LGPL the Unarchiver (unar/lsar).

bit7z - A C++ static library offering a clean and simple interface to the 7-zip DLLs.

  •    C++

bit7z is a C++ static library which allows to compress and extract many file archive formats, all through a clean, simple and entirely object-oriented interface to the dynamic libraries from the 7-zip project (https://www.7-zip.org/). It supports compression and extraction to and from the filesystem or the memory, reading of archives metadata, updating existing archives, creation of multi-volume archives, operation progress callbacks and many other functionalities. Please note that the presence or not of some of the above features depends on the particular .dll used along with bit7z.

demystify - Engine for analysis of Siegfried export files and DROID CSV

  •    Python

Working example [Siegfried]: Siegfried Govdocs Select Results... Working example [DROID]: DROID Govdocs Select Results... Engine for analysis of DROID CSV and Seigfried export files. The tool has three purposes, break the export into its components and store them within a set of tables in a SQLite database; create additional columns to augment the output where useful; and query the SQLite database, outputting results in a readable form useful for analysis by researchers and archivists within digital preservation departments in memory institutions.

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