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pytube - A lightweight, dependency-free Python library (and command-line utility) for downloading YouTube Videos

  •    Python

pytube is a lightweight, dependency-free Python library (and command-line utility) for downloading YouTube Videos. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world and as a hacker you may encounter a situation where you want to script something to download videos. For this I present to you pytube.

slack - :tada:✨ Slack API client for Node and browsers.

  •    Javascript

slack mirrors the published API docs exactly because its generated from those docs! The default interface are stateless functions and has remain unchanged since 1.0.0 and that will continue to be the case. Due to popular demand an OO style is supported. For an instance of Slack all methods come prebound with the token parameter applied.

github - Ruby interface to GitHub API

  •    Ruby

A Ruby client for the official GitHub API. Supports all the API methods. It's built in a modular way. You can either instantiate the whole API wrapper Github.new or use parts of it i.e. Github::Client::Repos.new if working solely with repositories is your main concern. Intuitive query methods allow you easily call API endpoints.

JDA - Java wrapper for the popular chat & VOIP service: Discord https://discordapp.com

  •    Java

JDA strives to provide a clean and full wrapping of the Discord REST api and its Websocket-Events for Java. JDA will be continued with version 3.x and will support Bot-features (for bot-accounts) and Client-features (for user-accounts). Please see the Discord docs for more information about bot accounts.

frisbee - :dog2: Modern fetch-based alternative to axios/superagent/request

  •    Javascript

tldr; Stripe-inspired API wrapper for WHATWG's fetch() method for making simple HTTP requests (alternative to superagent, request, axios).If you're using node-fetch, you need node-fetch@v1.5.3 to use form-data with files properly (due to https://github.com/bitinn/node-fetch/issues/102) If you experience form file upload issues, please see https://github.com/facebook/react-native/issues/7564#issuecomment-266323928.

gopro-py-api - Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to GoPro via WiFi.

  •    Python

Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to GoPro cameras via WiFi. These cameras use a new version of GoPro API which centers around /gp/gpControl/ url.

v8-archive - Directus Database API — Wraps Custom SQL Databases with a REST/GraphQL API

  •    PHP

Our Core team is quite small and can not maintain legacy versions of Directus. We'll glady review any community pull-requests to this repository, but using this version is highly discouraged. Directus is released under the GPLv3 license. RANGER Studio LLC owns all Directus trademarks and logos on behalf of our project's community. Copyright © 2006-2020, RANGER Studio LLC.

bitly - A Ruby wrapper for the bit.ly API

  •    Ruby

Bitly recently released their version 3 API. From this 0.5.0 release, the gem will continue to work the same but also provide a V3 module, using the version 3 API. The standard module will become deprecated, as Bitly do not plan to keep the version 2 API around forever. Then, when you call Bitly.new(username, api_key) you will get a Bitly::V3::Client instead, which provides the version 3 api calls (shorten, expand, clicks, validate and bitly_pro_domain). See http://dev.bitly.com for details.

cuda-api-wrappers - Thin C++-flavored wrappers for the CUDA Runtime API

  •    C++

nVIDIA's Runtime API for CUDA is intended for use both in C and C++ code. As such, it uses a C-style API, the lowest common denominator (with a few notable exceptions of templated function overloads). This library of wrappers around the Runtime API is intended to allow us to embrace many of the features of C++ (including some C++11) for using the runtime API - but without reducing expressivity or increasing the level of abstraction (as in, e.g., the Thrust library). Using cuda-api-wrappers, you still have your devices, streams, events and so on - but they will be more convenient to work with in more C++-idiomatic ways.

hubspot-php - HubSpot PHP API Client

  •    PHP

All following examples assume this step. By setting http_errors to false, you will not receive any exceptions at all, but pure responses. For possible options, see http://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/latest/request-options.html.

YoutubeKit - YoutubeKit is a video player that fully supports Youtube IFrame API and YoutubeDataAPI for easily create a Youtube app

  •    Swift

YoutubeKit is a video player that fully supports Youtube IFrame API and YoutubeDataAPI to easily create Youtube applications. YoutubeKit is created based on the following references. If you are unsure whether it is a normal behavior or a bug, please check the following documents first.

bold - Interface to the Bold Systems barcode website

  •    R

bold accesses BOLD barcode data.The Barcode of Life Data Systems (BOLD) is designed to support the generation and application of DNA barcode data. The platform consists of four main modules: a data portal, a database of barcode clusters, an educational portal, and a data collection workbench.

ckanr - R client for the CKAN REST API

  •    R

CKAN is an open source set of tools for hosting and providing data on the web. (CKAN users could include non-profits, museums, local city/county governments, etc.).ckanr allows users to interact with those CKAN websites to create, modify, and manage datasets, as well as search and download pre-existing data, and then to proceed using in R for data analysis (stats/plotting/etc.). It is meant to be as general as possible, allowing you to work with any CKAN instance.

gistr - Interact with GitHub gists from R

  •    R

gistr is a light interface to GitHub's gists for R.Or dev version from GitHub.

rbhl - R interface to the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) API

  •    R

rbhl is an R interface to the Biodiversity Heritage Library API.You can output various formats using the as parameter, setting to table, list, json or xml.

rcoreoa - CORE API R Client

  •    R

CORE offers seamless access to millions of open access research papers, enrich the collected data for text-mining and provide unique services to the research community.Each function has a higher level interface that does HTTP request for data and parses the JSON using jsonlite. This is meant for those who want everything done for them, but there's a time penalty for as the parsing adds extra time. If you just want raw JSON unparsed text, you can use the low level interface.

rorcid - A programmatic interface the Orcid.org API

  •    R

rorcid is an R programmatic interface to the Orcid public API. rorcid is not a product developed or distributed by ORCID®.There's a function as.orcid() in this package to help coerce an Orcid ID to an object that holds details for that Orcid ID, prints a nice summary, and you can browse easily to that profile. E.g.

rredlist - IUCN Red List API Client

  •    R

IUCN requires you to get your own API key, an alphanumeric string that you need to send in every request. Get it at http://apiv3.iucnredlist.org/api/v3/token. Keep this key private. You can pass the key in to each function via the key parameter, but it's better to store the key either as a environment variable (IUCN_REDLIST_KEY) or an R option (iucn_redlist_key) - we suggest using the former option.This package does not include support for the spatial API, described at http://apiv3.iucnredlist.org/spatial.

cryptox - Common API wrapper for multiple crypto currency exchanges

  •    Javascript

cryptox is a node.js wrapper for REST API for multiple crypto currency exchanges.cryptox manages API communication with different exchanges and provides common methods for all exchanges. Differences between the different API's are abstracted away.

github4s - A GitHub API wrapper written in Scala

  •    Scala

Github4s is a GitHub API wrapper written in Scala.Github4s is compatible with both Scala JVM and Scala.js. It supports 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12.

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