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react-native-fabric - A React Native library for Fabric, Crashlytics and Answers

  •    Objective-C

React Native / rnpm will automatically link all the necessary libraries for both iOS and Android. If the installation goes off without a hitch, you can now skip to the Crashlytics Usage section or the Answers Usage section.

test-your-sysadmin-skills - A collection of *nix Sysadmin Test Questions and Answers for Interview/Exam (2018 Edition)


ℹ️ This project contains 250 test questions and answers that can be used as a test your knowledge or during an interview/exam for position such as *nix System Administrator. ✔️ The answers are only examples and do not exhaust the whole topic. Most of them contains useful resources for a deeper understanding.



Aplicação de Questionário .

Community Bridge 2 (Answers)


Community project for accessing the MS Answers-Forums (http://answers.microsoft.com/) with any NNTP client. It provides an NNTP server (bridge) for the forums.



Answers is a web application that allows users to create sites where community member can ask/answer questions as well as vote for said questions. It is meant to be used for Q&A sites, Knowledge Base's, Social News/Communication sites, Forum-style discussion sites, etc.

stackexchange - Node.js implementation of the stackexchange/stackoverflow API

  •    Javascript

Implementation of all stackexchange methods to query questions and awesome answers.

faq - Frequently asked questions about Hoodie

  •    Javascript

First, a question must be asked! All questions are issues within the issue tracker of this repository. A question will not show up on faq.hood.ie until a hoodie contributor believes it has been answered correctly. When the question has been answered, a label of answered must be added to the GitHub issue for it to appear within the app. The FAQ app takes the issue's title and uses this as the question title on the app. The first post on the GitHub issue is assumed to be the answer. This can be problematic if the original post in the GitHub Issue is the question asked. In order to have the question and answer show up in the app, you should close the answered issue (make sure it does not have a label of answered) and create a new issue.

FabricPlugin - Fabric.io plugin for Cordova or Phonegap

  •    Javascript

This is a Cordova plugin for Fabric.io's Crashlytics and Answers services. It requires Cordova 6.x or newer (tested on 7.0.0) and has APIs for iOS and Android.

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