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kubespray - Setup a kubernetes cluster

  •    Python

If you have questions, join us on the kubernetes slack, channel #kubespray.Note: Upstart/SysV init based OS types are not supported.

ansible-rails - Ansible: Ruby on Rails Server

  •    Ruby

Rename hosts.example to hosts and modify the contents. Rename group_vars/all.example to group_vars/all and modify the contentes.

ansible-st2 - Ansible Roles and Playbooks to deploy StackStorm

  •    Ruby

Ansible playbooks to deploy StackStorm.StackStorm is event-driven automation platform written in Python. With over 50+ integrations like GitHub, Docker, Nagios, NewRelic, AWS, Ansible it allows you to wire together your existing infrastructure into complex Workflows with auto-remediation and many more. Aka IFTTT orchestration for Ops.

kube-ansible - Build a Kubernetes and Ceph cluster using Ansible playbooks

  •    Shell

Ansible playbooks for quickly building Kubernetes and Ceph cluster.Following the below steps to create Kubernetes cluster on CentOS 7.x and Ubuntu Server 16.x.

taperole - 🕹 Application Server Provisioning and Deployment with Ansible

  •    Ruby

Deprecation notice: As of taperole 1.7, support for Ubuntu 14.x has been deprecated. If your server does not use Ubuntu 16.x, please install taperole 1.6.0 instead. NOTE: Upgrading tape on a machine is only supported for patch versions (ie 1.3.0 to 1.3.1). For minor or major versions, it is advised that you stand up a new box, and start from stratch.

drupal-pi - Drupal on a single Raspberry Pi.


This project is an offshoot of the Rasbperry Pi Dramble project, which helps install Drupal on a cluster ('Bramble') of Raspberry Pi 2 computers. This playbook/project makes setting up Drupal on a single Raspberry Pi a very easy/simple operation.

rails-deploy - Ansible scripts to setup a fully loaded ruby/rails web server

  •    Shell

For each server you want to setup clone this repo. This allows you to keep the configuration around and deploy again at any time, or deploy multiple servers for some horizontal scailing (in this instance you will need a shared database server). Add the following gems to your Gemfile and run bundle.

ansible-rails-deployment - deploy projects using ansible

  •    Python

A role that executes common tasks when deploying ruby on rails applications. Depends on prepare-release and finalize-release roles to checkout a new version from your git versioned application.

terraform-ansible-setup - Setting up your complete infrastructure on cloud premises using Infrastructure as a Code

  •    HCL

The idea of this project is to make easy deployment of our infrastructure using the concept of Infrastructure as a Code.For this purpose,I have used 2 tier architecture setup consisting of two different tools, Terraform and Ansible.Terraform is used in order to provision the required instances on Cloud.Whereas, ansible is used to configure our application.