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deeponion - Official Source Repo for DeepOnion - Anonymous Cryptocurrency on TOR Network

  •    C

DeepOnion (ONION) is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is untraceable. All transactions are private and sent through the TOR network. The integration with TOR ensures that our users are always on a secure environment. There is no client-side configuration needed. Our client will automatically join the TOR network and connect to the available TOR nodes on the network (including our seed nodes). After a successful connection to the DeepOnion network, you may check your displayed IP using DeepOnion client console, where you will see that your client is assigned a hidden TOR address (.onion address).

Custom SharePoint Workflow Starting Event Handlers

  •    DotNet

Allow more control over when and how workflows are started. Allows anonymous users to start workflows.

Default Anonymous SharePoint Guest Account


It is well know that anonymous visitors to a WSS 3 site cannot easily participate in lists and more critically cannot start workflows. There needs to be a login event for the user and the use must be allowed access to the list to start a workflow. While this may be fixed with ...

bitmessage-node - Bitmessage Client api wrapper for nodejs

  •    Javascript

Bitmessage client for the API written in Node.js. If you plan on connecting to a remote Bitmessage server, you should absolutely use SSH tunneling to establish a secure connection and connect via a local port.

links - Experimental content sharing and collaboration platform.

  •    Javascript

Experimental content sharing and collaboration platform.You start writing and get a public link. You send that link to someone and they see your content. As soon as they start editing themselves they get their own link which they can share again.

tipbox - Get anonymous feedback & tips from the communities you want

  •    Javascript

This is open source software, use at your own risk. There is always a tradeoff between ease of use and security (that's why you don't live in a bunker). By not requiring your potential sources to install an app, there is a risk that a hacker could tamper with the files served to them to include a key logger. Depending on your threat model, this may or may not matter. It’s all about finding the appropriate tool for the job. Read more about the security of Tipbox.

slack-bot-edward-snowden - Let the guardian of privacy keep you anonymous on Slack

  •    Javascript

Let the Edward Snowden keep you anonymous on Slack. slack-bot-edward-snowden will anonymize all your messages before sending them to #random. This tutorial assumes you've created a Heroku account. Also, know you do not need to alter this code in any way to get the Slack bot to work.

uchan - µchan – Fast anonymous imageboard software

  •    Python

µchan is a modern take on internet messaging board software, also known as a BBS, textboard or imageboard. It has all the basic features you expect from a message board: boards for different topics, support for attaching images to posts and a system for moderating. µchan is anonymous and requires no account to post.

ronion - Generic anonymous routing protocol framework agnostic to encryption algorithm and transport layer

  •    LiveScript

Generic anonymous routing protocol framework agnostic to encryption algorithm and transport layer. This repository contains high level design overview (design.md), specification for implementors (spec.md) and reference implementation.

tick.chat - Chat via nearby persons. Instant, Secure, Anonymously. 🕶

  •    Javascript

Tick's main aim is to removing prejudgments. You can chat nearby persons in anonymously. There have been tons of startups for these. Yay! You decided first look.

tornote - Anonymous self-destructing notes written in Go

  •    Go

Anonymous self-destructing notes written in Go and with help Stanford Javascript Crypto Library (SJCL) on client-side. Server stores only encrypted data. JavaScript must be enabled, because notes decripted in the Web Browser with key from secret link. After reading encrypted note immediately removed from the database.