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mimesis - Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages

  •    Python

Mimesis is a fast and easy to use library for Python programming language, which helps generate synthetic data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages. This data can be particularly useful during software development and testing. For example, it could be used to populate a testing database, create beautiful JSON and XML files, anonymize data taken from a production service, etc. You can find the complete documentation on the Read the Docs.

jsonymize - Anonymize JSON values, easily.

  •    Javascript

Anonymize JSON values, easily. jsonymize reads data from standard input, anonymizes, then writes to standard output. By default all fields are anonymized, however, specific field names can be passed as arguments as shown below.

fluent-plugin-anonymizer - Fluentd filter output plugin to anonymize records with MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 algorithms

  •    Ruby

Fluentd filter plugin to anonymize records with OpenSSL::Digest of MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 algorithms. This data masking plugin protects privacy data such as UserID, Email, Phone number, IPv4/IPv6 address and so on. This sample result has made with the above configuration into "fluent.conf".

docker-tor-simple - Simplest minimal container for Tor anonymity software

  •    Makefile

Smallest minimal docker container for Tor network proxy daemon. Suitable for relay, exit node or hidden service modes with SOCKS5 proxy enabled. It works well as a single self-contained container or in cooperation with other containers (like nginx and osminogin/php-fpm) for organizing complex hidden services on the Tor network.

DICOMClient - DICOM utilities for anonymizing, viewing and uploading to a PACS

  •    Java

Pro-tip: Make a shortcut to the bat on your desktop, then drag-and-drop DICOM files and folders to run it.

anonymizer - Universal tool to anonymize database

  •    Ruby

Anonymizer is a universal tool to create anonymized DBs for projects. Why is it so important to work with anonymized databases? In the development process, you should never use your production database - it is risky and against the law. Working with a production database in development is risky, because by some mistake, you can might make your clients data available to the whole world. In our world, general data is one of most valuable things and EU tries to protect citizens' general data via the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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