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generator-gulp-angularfire - Yeoman generator for Gulp & Angularfire (Firebase)

  •    Javascript

generator-gulp-angularfire scaffolds an Angularfire application with a full-featured gulpfile.js, giving you immediate out-of-the-box access to all tasks for modern web development with Firebase. My intention is to create a generator that gives users total control over their development toolbox so they can immediately start projects with their preferred tools, such as specific UI frameworks or JavaScript preprocessors.

angularfire-multi-auth - Angularfire Multiple Login Providers Decorator

  •    Javascript

From this question on Stack Overflow, Andrew Lee give us a suggestion to accommodate it creating some structure inside Firebase to handle the process. And it is a very good idea. The only problem is the mess you should made on your code to accomplish that. It's a factory decorator for $firebaseAuth that abstract the complexity of creating the structure needed for use multiple login providers for the same user.

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