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Android-Tips - An awesome list of tips for Android.

  •    Java

This is an awesome list of tips for android. If you are a beginner, this list will be the first choice for you when you have a difficult time.

PolygonDrawingUtil - A compact Android utility for constructing and drawing rounded regular polygons

  •    Java

A compact Android utility for constructing and drawing rounded regular polygons. This video was captured using the sample application in this repository. It provides convenient controls for exploring PolygonDrawingUtil's capabilities.

avatar-view - Avatar ImageView with user's name first letter Drawable placeholder

  •    Java

Avatar View library was implemented based on Matt Precious's Don’t Fear the Canvas lecture. I decided to create this library in order to achieve an ImageView which can smoothly display user's profile image or his username/name initial letter (in the case when the image was not provided). This library can be used in two ways: using standard Android methods and using Android Data Binding.

vector-analog-clock - A Simple Customizable VectorAnalogClock Android View

  •    Java

A Simple, Customizable VectorAnalogClock View for Android. Resizable. Smooth movement. Tested on various screen sizes and densities. Supports Custom Vector Assets. Supports back to API 14.

ColorPicker - 🎨 A color picker for Android

  •    Java

A ColorPicker for Android. Pick a color using color wheel and slider (HSV & alpha). Replace ${latestVersion} with the latest version code. See releases.

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