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multiscanner - Modular file scanning/analysis framework

  •    Javascript

MultiScanner is a file analysis framework that assists the user in evaluating a set of files by automatically running a suite of tools for the user and aggregating the output. Tools can be custom built Python scripts, web APIs, software running on another machine, etc. Tools are incorporated by creating modules that run in the MultiScanner framework. Modules are designed to be quickly written and easily incorporated into the framework. Currently written and maintained modules are related to malware analytics, but the framework is not limited to that scope. For a list of modules you can look in modules/. Descriptions and config options can be found on the Analysis Modules page.

structured-acceptance-test - An open format definition for static analysis tools

  •    Ruby

Structured Acceptance Test ("STAT") is a simple and extensible standard for acceptance testing processes. The target of the test can be any set of computer files, for example source code, images, audio files and documents. The process can be an automated computer program, manual execution of a test plan or even a committee review. The outcome of the process is findings and recommendations which can be used to improve the target and can indicate a pass or fail result. If your acceptance testing process uses a standardized output format then consumers can make better use of it.

cclyzer - A tool for analyzing LLVM bitcode using Datalog.

  •    Python

A tool for analyzing LLVM bitcode (generated either by C or C++) using Datalog. This project uses a commercial Datalog engine, developed by LogicBlox Inc..

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