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romfont - VGA and BIOS rom font extraction

  •    C

I have diassembled and/or searched BIOS and VGA-ROMs for fonts and extracted these. Also I have written a few tools to support this job. All extracted fonts and screenshots are available here. I have written a big table to show what is covered. Also had a look and wrote about fonts of open source BIOSes/source available. If you have exotic ROMs or links to other open source BIOSes please let me know. Testing a ROM for known fonts and add it to this list only takes a few minutes and if there is one with a yet unknown font, I am happy to extract and document it :) I am really intersted in ROMs of old laptops with weird LCD-fonts and embedded devices (like POS systems, cash registers, money machines and other stuff). Also if you have localized graphic cards, that bring a local charset (ex. greek), I am happy to extract their' fonts.

Asterisk AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) Proxy suite


The AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) Proxy suite project will bridge the gap between your asterisk phone system and your windows based applications. The AMI Proxy is a service that can be used to simply proxy AMI connections to your asterisk server but also adds call stat g...

bluebox-ng - Pentesting framework using Node.js powers, focused in VoIP.

  •    Javascript

Pentesting framework using Node.js powers. Focused in VoIP. DISCLAIMER: Pointing this tool at other people's servers is NOT legal in most countries.

graylog2-images - Ready to run machine images

  •    Shell

This project allows you to create machine images with a full Graylog stack installed. Detailed documentation can be found here.

aws-ssh-config - Generate SSH config files from AWS EC2 inventory

  •    Python

The --user param can also be used to use a single username for all hosts.

haldane - a friendly http interface to the aws api

  •    Python

> Note that you may wish to change the configuration in use. You can do so by modifying the .env.test file with your configuration.The AWS policy is fairly small, and an iam-profile.json is provided in this repository in the case that you wish to lock down permissions to only those necessary.

iohk-ops - NixOps deployment configuration for IOHK devops

  •    Haskell

Collection of tooling and automation to deploy IOHK infrastructure.Append https://github.com/input-output-hk/pos-prototype-deployment/blob/master/lib.nix#L46 and submit a PR.

node-asterisk-ami - Send and receive messages from the Asterisk Manager Interface via node.js

  •    Javascript

(net socket events) Use these events to determine the status of the socket connection, as if the socket is disconnected, you would need to add your .on('close') events again, this was a bug in the previous version of asterisk-ami, use these new events instead which will always be called, even if the connection has died and been reconnected.

ami-resource - Concourse CI resource to check for new Amazon Machine Images (AMI)

  •    Shell

A Concourse CI resource to check for new Amazon Machine Images (AMI). aws_access_key_id: Your AWS access key ID.

awslib_scala - An idiomatic Scala wrapper around the AWS Java SDK

  •    Scala

This project is sponsored by Micronautics Research Corporation, the company behind Cadenza and ScalaCourses.com. This library provides a functional interface to the AWS Java library. The exposed API is much simpler to use than Amazon's Java API, however you can mix calls to this library with calls to the underlying AWS Java library.

AWSAutomatedDailyInstanceAMISnapshots - A serverless application to backup instances daily and rotate their AMIs after a certain number of days

  •    Python

Now go tag your instances (manually, or automatically if you have an automated infrastructure like Terraform or CloudFormation) with the Key "Backup" (with any value) which will trigger this script to back that instance up. If you'd like to specify the number of days to retain backups, set the key "Retention" with a numeric value. If you do not specify this, by default keeps the AMIs for 7 days.

amigo - AMIgo: An AMI bakery

  •    Scala

A base image is the source AMI to use as the basis for an image. For example you might have an "Ubuntu Wily" base image. A role is something installed or configured on the machine. For example if you want your machine to have a JVM, Node and nginx pre-installed, you would assign the corresponding roles to your image. Currently roles are implemented as Ansible roles.

AWS-AMI-Automated-Creation-Deletion - Automated AMI creation & deletion using serverless AWS Lambda

  •    Javascript

A simple AWS lambda project to help automate creation and deletion of AMIs. The scripts are written in JavaScript and will run on the the serverless AWS Lambda platform. Creating an AMI automatically snapshots all the associated EBS volumes for that instance. This makes instance recovery much more reliable and faster. A daily or weekly backup schedule is recommended for instances and to make sure you have a backup if ever needed. The system also removes the automatically created AMIs and any associated snapshots as per the settings.

terraform-aws-ec2-autoscale-group - Terraform module to provision Auto Scaling Group and Launch Template on AWS

  •    HCL

Terraform module to provision Auto Scaling Group and Launch Template on AWS. The module also creates AutoScaling Policies and CloudWatch Metric Alarms to monitor CPU utilization on the EC2 instances and scale the number of instance in the AutoScaling Group up or down. If you don't want to use the provided functionality, or want to provide your own policies, disable it by setting the variable autoscaling_policies_enabled to "false".

astive - Media controller for Asterisk PBX (FastAGI Server)

  •    Java

Astive is a toolkit and server for Java that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying telephony applications.

amiws - Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) to Web-socket proxy

  •    C

amiws is simple proxy from AMI to WEB. It can connect to one or more Asterisk PBXs via AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface), read messages from AMI stream and send actions/commands to it. Received messages are parsed and converted to JSON. amiws also provides HTTP/WebSocket interface and sends JSON messages to all connected users via HTTP. They do not need to me installed. mongoose and frozen are already included. re2c and cmocka are only needed for developers.

ssm-ami-automation - Automated AMI creation using SSM


Recently AWS announced the induction of SNS topic to keep the community informed about Amazon AMI releases. Following solution integrates this feature with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager to provide Amazon native solution to build AMIs.

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