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beacons - Flutter beacons plugin for Android and iOS.

  •    Dart

Flutter plugin to work with beacons. Supports Android API 16+ and iOS 8+. Note: The plugin is written in Swift for iOS. There is a known issue for integrating swift plugin into Flutter project using the Objective-C template. Follow the instructions from Flutter#16049 to resolve the issue (Cocoapods 1.5+ is mandatory).

android-beacon-scanner - A simple android iBeacon, AltBeacon, Eddystone and RuuviTag beacon scanner

  •    Kotlin

A simple android beacon scanner that can recognize iBeacons, AltBeacons, Eddystone beacons (UID and URL, with or without TLM) and RuuviTags available on Google Play. Available for android 4.3+ and smartphones with Bluetooth LE.

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