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covid19-dashboard - A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.

  •    Jupyter

This project showcases how you can use fastpages to create a static dashboard that update regularly using Jupyter Notebooks. Using fastpages, data professionals can share dashboards (that are updated with new data automatically) without requiring any expertise in front end development. The content of this site shows statistics and reports regarding Covid-19.

examples - Example nteract notebooks with links to execution on mybinder.org

  •    Jupyter

Go ahead and give these notebooks a try. This repository has collections of nteract notebooks to try out on Binder. Click the link of an individual example or the language heading for a bundle of notebooks.

altair - R interface to 'Altair'

  •    HTML

The goal of altair is to help you build Vega-Lite visualizations. Using the reticulate package, it provides an interface to the Altair Python package. This approach is distinct from efforts to build a native R interface to Vega-Lite, by Bob Rudis and coworkers: the vegalite package, which has inspired this effort. In this documentation, the capitalized word Altair shall refer to the Python package; the lower-case word altair shall refer to this R package.

dash-alternative-viz - Dash components & demos to create Altair, Matplotlib, Highcharts , and Bokeh graphs within Dash apps

  •    Javascript

In Dash's built-in dash_core_components library, the dcc.Graph component uses standard Plotly figures. Dash’s component plugin system provides a toolchain to create Dash components from any JavaScript-based library. dash-alternative-viz is a proof-of-concept Dash component library that provides Dash interfaces to Altair, matplotlib (or any compatible system like Seaborn, Pandas.plot, Plotnine and others!), Bokeh (with or without HoloViews), and HighCharts.

streamlit-vega-lite - A Streamlit component to render interactive Vega, Vega-Lite, and Altair visualizations and access the selected data from Python

  •    Python

🐉 Here be dragons. This is a proof of concept. Making Vega-Lite selection created by user interactions available in Python. Works with Altair.

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