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allure1 - Allure 1 isn't supported any more, please consider using Allure 2 https://github

  •    Java

A flexible, lightweight multi-language test report tool, with the possibility of adding to the report of additional information such as screenshots, logs and so on. Initially Allure Framework was widely used in internal testing of Yandex software products. Three years later thousands of software testers all over the world are giving a high note to their experience with Allure.

allure2 - The next generation of Allure Report, a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool with the possibility to add steps, attachments, parameters and so on

  •    Java

Allure Framework is a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool that not only shows a very concise representation of what have been tested in a neat web report form, but allows everyone participating in the development process to extract maximum of useful information from everyday execution of tests. Grab it from bintray.

wdio-demo - A demo project of Webdriver.io tests with reporting by Allure

  •    Javascript

Run tests using npm test. It will run browser on your local machine and perform some tests. Once you have tests finished, run npm run report and you will see the Allure report.

allure-bamboo - Allure plugin for Atlassian Bamboo

  •    Java

Allure reports right in deployment plans in Bamboo

allure-codeception - Codeception framework adapter for Allure

  •    PHP

This is an official Codeception adapter for Allure Framework. The main purpose of this adapter is to accumulate information about your tests and write it out to a set of XML files: one for each test class. This adapter only generates XML files containing information about tests. See wiki section on how to generate report.

allure-docs - Allure Framework documentation

  •    Dockerfile

This repository powers docs.qameta.io, which includes documentation for the Allure Framework. Documentation will be generated in the build/docs/html5/{version}/index.html path.

allure-jasmine - Allure plugin for Jasmine framework

  •    Javascript

A plugin to generate an Allure report out of Jasmine tests. The Reporter will generate xml files inside of a resultsDir, then we need to generate HTML out of them.

allure-java - Allure integrations for java test frameworks

  •    Java

The repository contains new versions of adaptors for JVM-based test frameworks. All the artifacts are deployed to https://dl.bintray.com/qameta/maven.

allure-npm - NPM wrapper around Allure commandline

  •    Javascript

Allure Commandline is a tool to generate Allure report from test results. Now you can get it installed directly from NPM. Allure package should be downloaded from external storage. Repository content doesn't have actual code.

allure-python - Allure integrations for python test frameworks

  •    Python

Common engine for all modules. It is useful for make integration with your homemade frameworks. Just pack of hamcrest matchers for validation result in allure2 json format.

allure-rspec - Allure RSpec adaptor

  •    Ruby

Adaptor to use the Allure framework along with the RSpec. See an example project to take a quick tour. See the releases tab.

docker-allure - Run Allure via Docker with minimal bloat thanks to Alpine Linux

  •    Shell

Run Allure via Docker with minimal bloat thanks to Alpine Linux