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atomic-store - Atomic event store for Scala/Akka

  •    Scala

Atomic Store is a system for managing persistent streams of atomic events, with strict consistency. It is intended for systems in which only one event can be admitted to a canonical event log at a time, contingent upon past events. It exists to maintain the atomicity of handling of incoming events, but outsources the actual validation logic back to the event originator. In a sense, the idea here is to do as little as possible to meet this goal, but in a way that is as practical as possible.Atomic Store is built on top of Akka Persistence, which is designed to natively support highly scalable distributed systems with relaxed consistency. A distributed system can maximize its scalability by reducing coupling between its components, and synchronization of state changes is one such coupling. The general approach to relaxed consistency is to take compensatory actions to rectify inconsistencies between distributed components, in retrospect. But this is complex, and not desirable in all situations. Atomic Store is designed for situations where strict consistency is more desirable or appropriate than extreme scalability.

EventStore.Akka.Persistence - Event Store Journal for Akka Persistence

  •    Scala

Akka Persistence journal and snapshot-store backed by Event Store.Akka serializes your messages into binary data by default. However you can add your own serializer to serialize as JSON, But make sure you extend akka.persistence.eventstore.EventStoreSerializer rather then akka.serialization.Serializer. And in case you are really going to serialize as json, please specify ContentType.Json, it will allow you to use projections.

akka-stream-eventsourcing - Event sourcing for Akka Streams

  •    Scala

Methods emit and respond themselves are side-effect free. They only generate Emission values that are interpreted by the EventSourcing stage.

akka-persistence-sql-async - A journal and snapshot store plugin for akka-persistence using RDBMS.

  •    Scala

A journal and snapshot store plugin for akka-persistence using RDBMS. Akka-persistence-sql-async executes queries by ScalikeJDBC-Async that provides non-blocking APIs to talk to databases. Akka-persistence-sql-async supports following databases.

akka-persistence-dynamodb - DynamoDBJournal for Akka Persistence

  •    Scala

A replicated Akka Persistence journal backed by Amazon DynamoDB. For details on the endpoint URL please refer to the DynamoDB documentation. There are many more settings that can be used for fine-tuning and adapting this journal plugin to your use-case, please refer to the reference.conf file.

akka-typed-persistence - Event sourcing for Akka Typed

  •    Scala

A conference talk introducing the library was presented at Scala By the Bay (slides). For the full code of the example in the talk, see this file. For how to use the library, see this example.

akka-persistence-jdbc - Asynchronously writes journal and snapshot entries to configured JDBC databases so that Akka Actors can recover state

  •    Scala

akka-persistence-jdbc writes journal and snapshot entries to a configured JDBC store. It implements the full akka-persistence-query API and is therefore very useful for implementing DDD-style application models using Akka and Scala for creating reactive applications. The release notes can be found here.

Akka.Persistence.Azure - Azure Storage Table backend for Akka.Persistence

  •    CSharp

Akka Persistence journal and snapshot store backed by Azure Table database. Remember that connection string must be provided separately to Journal and Snapshot Store.