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For many years I worked with Northwind database as evidence of "new technologies". That is, Microsoft changed the data access technology and I tested the technology in this database. Now what I like to do is migrate the knowledge of the model database to new architectures a...

.NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution

The purpose of this project is to hold the source code for my latest book, .NET Domain-Driven Design with C#: Problem-Design-Solution. The book is one large case study of a real-world application, named SmartCA, which is a smart client application implemented with the latest ...

Domain-Driver Framework

Domain-Driver is a generic framework that enables developers to quickly build rich, expressive domain models. It is both "decoupled from" and "compatible with" any persistence technology. The download includes an example using ADO .NET Entities Framework Code-First persistence.

combine-stream - Combine multiple duplex streams into just one

Combine multiple duplex streams into just one. combine-stream lets you treat a few streams as just one, in a parallel fashion. When you combine a bunch of streams, you write to it as if it was one, and read from it as if it was one, but you are simultaneously writing to all the streams and getting the output from all the streams.

ecosystem-docs - Aggregate and store a collection of data for GitHub repositories, intended for use with documenting package ecosystems on npm

Aggregate and store a collection of data for GitHub repositories, intended for use with documenting package ecosystems on npm.This makes it easier to write your own version of stackgl/packages, with the added bonus of being more pleasant to work with and using a better caching strategy.

maggregate - Mongo Aggregation Builder

Simple aggregation pipeline builder for MongoDb. Inspired by the eloquent aheckmann/mquery.Currently, all mongo aggregation pipeline operators are supported. To learn how to use them, see the documentation for them.

all-your-github-are-belong-to-us - :octocat: Save all your GitHub data to one place, private & public

GitHub is a fantastic tool — I use it constantly. I'd like to understand more of how I work on GitHub, but I don't have all my data. I can setup an RSS hook on my public feed, but I do a lot of work on private repos as well. Simple, just run script/bootstrap from your clone.

pipeworks - Create pipes. Fit 'em together. Start the flow!

Start by initializing a pipeline. Pipes are the modular component of pipeworks. Fit pipes together to form a pipeline.

mongo-aggregation-debugger - Debug MongoDb's aggregation framework and visualize what each stage of the pipeline outputs

It is pretty hard to understand why a specific aggregation query fails or doesn't output the right results since it can be pretty complex and go through a lot of stages before returning values. You give the debugger access to your instance of mongodb, and it creates a temporary collection in which it will run each stage of the aggregation query in series. The temporary database is dropped after each debug.

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