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awesome-robotic-tooling - Tooling for professional robotic development in C++ and Python with a touch of ROS, autonomous driving and aerospace: https://freerobotics


To stop reinventing the wheel you need to know about the wheel. This list is an attempt to show the variety of open and free tools in software and hardware development, which are useful in professional robotic development. Your contribution is necessary to keep this list alive, increase the quality and to expand it. You can read more about it's origin and how you can participate in the contribution guide and related blog post. All new project entries will have a tweet from protontypes.

libuavcan - Portable reference implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack in C++ for embedded systems and Linux

  •    C

WARNING libuavcan v1 is not yet complete. This is a work-in-progress. Portable reference implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack in C++ for embedded systems, Linux, and POSIX-compliant RTOSs.

SUAVE - An Aircraft Design Toolbox

  •    ReScript

SUAVE is a multi-fidelity conceptual design environment. Its purpose is to credibly produce conceptual-level design conclusions for future aircraft incorporating advanced technologies. Guides and Forum available at suave.stanford.edu.

pykep - PyKEP is a scientific library providing basic tools for research in interplanetary trajectory design

  •    C++

pykep is a scientific library providing basic tools for astrodynamics research. Algoritmic efficiency is a main focus of the library, which is written in C++ and exposed to Python using the boost::python library. At the library core is the implementation of an efficient solver for the multiple revolutions Lambert's problem, objects representing direct (Sims-Flanagan), indirect (Pontryagin) and hybrid methods to represent low-thrust optimization problems , efficient keplerian propagators, Taylor-integrators, a SGP4 propagator, TLE and SATCAT support and more.

libcanard - A compact implementation of the UAVCAN/CAN protocol in C for high-integrity real-time embedded systems

  •    C++

Libcanard is a compact implementation of the UAVCAN/CAN protocol stack in C99/C11 for high-integrity real-time embedded systems. UAVCAN is an open lightweight data bus standard designed for reliable intravehicular communication in aerospace and robotic applications via CAN bus, Ethernet, and other robust transports. The acronym UAVCAN stands for Uncomplicated Application-level Vehicular Computing And Networking.

public_regulated_data_types - Regulated DSDL definitions for UAVCAN (standard and third-party)

  •    Python

This repository contains definitions of the regulated UAVCAN v1 data types. UAVCAN is an open technology for real-time intravehicular distributed computing and communication based on modern networking standards. The name stands for Uncomplicated Application-level Vehicular Computing And Networking. Contributors must obey the guidelines defined in this document. Feedback and proposals are welcome on the UAVCAN forum.

pyuavcan - Python implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack.

  •    Python

PyUAVCAN is a full-featured implementation of the UAVCAN protocol stack intended for non-embedded, user-facing applications such as GUI software, diagnostic tools, automation scripts, prototypes, and various R&D cases. PyUAVCAN aims to support all features and transport layers of UAVCAN, be portable across all major platforms supporting Python, and be extensible to permit low-effort experimentation and testing of new protocol capabilities.

specification - The UAVCAN specification documents are maintained here.

  •    TeX

The sources of the UAVCAN specification and other related documents are contained here. When cloning this repository, don't forget to initialize the Git submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive.

uavcan.github.io - Legacy website, now obsolete.

  •    C++

This repository contains sources of the legacy UAVCAN website available at http://legacy.uavcan.org. How to configure Jekyll with Github Pages: https://help.github.com/articles/using-jekyll-with-pages.

yakut - Simple CLI tool for diagnostics and debugging of UAVCAN networks

  •    Python

Yakút is a simple cross-platform command-line interface (CLI) tool for diagnostics and debugging of UAVCAN networks. By virtue of being based on PyUAVCAN, Yakut supports all UAVCAN transports (UDP, serial, CAN, ...) and is compatible with all major features of the protocol. It is designed to be usable with GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS. Ask questions and get assistance at forum.uavcan.org.

Welcome - Welcome to AeroRust- a Rust 🦀 in Aerospace 🚀 community & working group


A good starting point to get involved is to check out https://github.com/AeroRust/WorkingGroup/issues, where you can find or share new ideas, current projects and more. Lately the Aerospace industry is picking up speed in comercialization and even faster and rapid development in the area, this is why we've created the AeroRust working group.

WorkingGroup - Issues tracker for ideas, ongoing work, looking for mentors, mentors available


This Working group is aiming to help push the Open-source Rust community into the growing Aerospace industry, by providing information, materials, tools, crates and etc. to hobbyists and the industry. Please feel free to contribute.