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feathers - User interface components for Starling Framework and Adobe AIR

  •    ActionScript

Warning: This is a pre-release version of Feathers UI. It may contain bugs or unfinished features. It is not recommended for production apps because it is considered potentially unstable. Use at your own risk. To download a stable build, visit the Feathers website. Say hello to Feathers UI, a library of light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI controls for mobile and desktop. The components run on Starling Framework and Adobe AIR — offering blazing fast GPU powered graphics to create a smooth and responsive experience. Build completely standalone, native applications on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, or target Adobe Flash Player in desktop browsers. Created by Josh Tynjala from Bowler Hat LLC, Feathers UI is free and open source.

awesome-actionscript3 - A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR


A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR.Adobe AIR provides a single set of APIs to build cross-platform desktop/mobile applications and games. ActionScript 3 is the programming language for AIR. Powerful native functionality such as file system, SQLite, sensors are included by default. To add missing functionality, you can build ANEs (Air Native Extensions) coded in the native language (eg VC++ for Windows, Java for Android, Swift/Objective-C for iOS). To build mobile apps/games with GPU-rendered graphics, use the Starling framework and optionally the Feathers UI. Adobe AIR is very popular in the mobile gaming space.

Adobe-Runtime-Support - Report, track and discuss issues in the Adobe AIR/Flash Runtimes


This project acts purely as an issue tracker for bugs and feature requests connected to the Adobe AIR and Flash runtimes. It does not contain any source code.The official Adobe Tracker is rather cumbersome and limited. For example, it's really hard to search through tickets, so bugs often get reported repeatedly; as a result, they often don't get the attention they deserve.

starling-preloader - An example preloader for Starling Framework running in Adobe Flash Player in a web browser

  •    ActionScript

SWFs running in a web browser should have preloaders. A preloader allows you to quickly display graphics and animation so that visitors to your webpage have something to look at while the rest of the SWF file loads. How do you create a preloader for a Starling app? It's not really any different than creating a preloader for any other SWF. Here's a summary of how I do it. Be sure to look at the included source code for complete details.

feathers-sdk - SDK for building Feathers UI applications with MXML

  •    Java

The Feathers SDK provides custom ActionScript and MXML compilers specifically designed for apps built with Starling Framework and Feathers UI components. This SDK makes building Starling and Feathers projects easier by simplifying project setup in supported IDEs and by providing more appropriate defaults (such as using "direct" render mode). The MXML compiler has been overhauled to work with Starling events and Feathers components. To download the latest stable version of Feathers SDK, visit feathersui.com.

feathers-sdk-manager - Application that downloads the Feathers SDK and all dependencies

  •    ActionScript

The Feathers SDK Manager is an application that downloads the Feathers SDK and all of its third-party dependencies. The manager prepares the SDK for use with an IDE, like Adobe Flash Builder or IntelliJ IDEA. Developers may choose which version of the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player runtimes to target. The Feathers SDK Manager is supported on macOS and Windows.

vscode-nextgenas - ActionScript & MXML language extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

This README file is intended for contributors to the extension. If you simply want to install the latest stable version of the extension, please visit the Visual Studio Marketplace. For help using the extension, visit the wiki for detailed instructions. This project is divided into several modules.

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