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RbSwift - Extensions for Swift with hundreds of handy methods.

  •    Swift

RbSwift provides a series of Swift struct/class extension including lots of handy functions with elaborate API Reference. Most of the APIs and test cases are from Ruby Core Libraries and ActiveSupport example.

symbolized - Hash with indifferent access, with keys stored internally as symbols.

  •    Ruby

Symbolized provides a Hash with indifferent access, but with keys stored internally as symbols. This is particularly useful when you have a very big amount of hashes that share the same keys, and it may become inefficient to keep all these identical keys as strings. An example of this case is when you have data processing pipelines that process millions of hashes with the same keys. And then run bundle install.

inflect - A port of the Rails / ActiveSupport inflector to JavaScript (node

  •    Javascript

A port of the Rails / ActiveSupport inflector to JavaScript (node.js and browser compatible).

rails-timezone-js - Convert between Rails ActiveSupport TimeZone names and the IANA Time Zone Database format, for node

  •    Javascript

The ActiveSupport TimeZone class uses a time zone name format that differs from the format uses by the standard Time Zone Database, maintained by the IANA. rails-timezone-js provides functions to convert to and from the ActiveSupport time zone names, using the mapping found in ActiveSupport.


  •    Javascript

Underscore.js is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. Underscore.transparent.js extends the built-in JavaScript objects with Underscore (and Underscore.string.js). So you can use Object-Oriented style and chaining with all Underscore and Underscore.string functions, without using the _ character (in the same way as Sugar library).

underscore.inflection - ActiveSupport::Inflector, for underscore!

  •    Javascript

I'll be the first to say it; this isn't the first port of ActiveSupport::Inflector to js. Not by a long shot. But I'll definitely take underscore mixins over extending String.prototype or other clunky implementations any day. The methods listed below are the ones you'll be using 99% of the time.

as-duration - Extraction of ActiveSupport::Duration from Rails

  •    Ruby

This gem is an extraction of ActiveSupport::Duration from Rails, along with the related core extensions. Ruby 2.0 or greater is required.