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awesome-actionscript3 - A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR


A curated list of awesome libraries and components for ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR.Adobe AIR provides a single set of APIs to build cross-platform desktop/mobile applications and games. ActionScript 3 is the programming language for AIR. Powerful native functionality such as file system, SQLite, sensors are included by default. To add missing functionality, you can build ANEs (Air Native Extensions) coded in the native language (eg VC++ for Windows, Java for Android, Swift/Objective-C for iOS). To build mobile apps/games with GPU-rendered graphics, use the Starling framework and optionally the Feathers UI. Adobe AIR is very popular in the mobile gaming space.

as3urlrequestbuilder - Upload multiple files with a single request in flash

  •    ActionScript

The follow blog post which originally accompanied this work has been copied here for longevity. Neer put together a nice set of classes to deal with these issues, mimicking the general structure of AS3's URL Request/Loader/Variables. Using these you can collate text and files (binary data) to be transferred to the server within a MultipartVariables instance, pass this to a MultipartRequest and then POST this to the server using MultipartLoader, which will finish by returning any response.

playerglobal - Versions of playerglobal.swc to target Flash Player from 9.0 onward

  •    Batchfile

This repository contains a version of playerglobal.swc (a library containing the API to Adobe Flash Player) corresponding to every major release of Adobe Flash Player. You can target the Flash version of your choice by dynamically linking against the relevant swc with the target compiler flag when compiling with mxmlc or ASC 2.0 (eg, -target=11.5, -target=10.1).

AIRControl - Adobe AIR Game Controller Native Extension.

  •    ActionScript

Adobe AIR Game Controller Native Extension. Everything needed to use this extension including the ANE, SWC, AS docs, and full ActionScript source code, can be found under native_extension/AIRControl.

redtamarin - AS3 running on the command line / server side

  •    ActionScript

Simply put, redtamarin is based on the Tamarin project (eg. the Flash Player Virtual Machine) and allow to run AS3 code on the command-line. But because Tamarin only support the AS3 builtins (Object, Array, etc.), redtamarin add numerous native functionalities, so you can test if your program run under Windows or Linux, or read/write files, or send data with sockets, etc.

flashmingo - Automatic analysis of SWF files based on some heuristics. Extensible via plugins.

  •    Python

NOTE: The following instructions are for Python3. If you need to install FLASHMINGO on Python2.7 you can checkout the release 1.0 under the releases tab. The installation steps are essentially the same.

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