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typescript-fsa - Type-safe action creator utilities

  •    TypeScript

Async Action Creators are objects with properties started, done and failed whose values are action creators. You can specify a prefix that will be prepended to all action types. This is useful to namespace library actions as well as for large projects where it's convenient to keep actions near the component that dispatches them.

typescript-fsa-redux-saga - TypeScript FSA utilities for redux-saga

  •    TypeScript

Creates higher-order-saga that wraps target saga with async actions. Resulting saga dispatches started action once started and done/failed upon finish.

typescript-fsa-reducers - Fluent syntax for defining typesafe reducers on top of typescript-fsa.

  •    TypeScript

Fluent syntax for defining typesafe Redux reducers on top of typescript-fsa. It removes the boilerplate normally associated with writing reducers, including if-else chains, the default case, and the need to pull the payload field off of the action.

fluxx - Terse application state management

  •    Javascript

More akin to Redux than Facebook flux, fluxx lets you manage your application state in a terse, centralized and scalable way. It also has first-class support for typescript. There are two kinds of Stores.

role-acl - Role based access control using actions, attributes and conditions

  •    TypeScript

Many RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) implementations differ, but the basics is widely adopted since it simulates real life role (job) assignments. But while data is getting more and more complex; you need to define policies on resources, subjects or even environments. This is called ABAC (Attribute-Based Access Control). With the idea of merging the best features of the two (see this NIST paper); this library implements RBAC basics and also focuses on resource, action attributes and conditions.

ts-action - TypeScript action creators for Redux

  •    TypeScript

ts-action is a package for declaring Redux action creators with less TypeScript cruft. I wanted a mechanism for declaring and consuming actions that involved writing as little boilerplate as possible. If you, too, want less cruft, you might find this package useful.

ts-action-operators - TypeScript action operators for NgRx and redux-observable

  •    TypeScript

The ts-action-operators package contains RxJS operators for action observables. I created the ts-action package because I wanted a mechanism for declaring and consuming actions that involved writing as little boilerplate as possible. And I created this package so that I could apply the TypeScript narrowing mechanisms in ts-action to the composition of NgRx effects and redux-observable epics.