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ACE3 - Open-source realism mod for Arma 3

  •    C++

ACE3 is a joint effort by the teams behind ACE2, AGM and CSE to improve the realism and authenticity of Arma 3. The project is entirely open-source and all contributions are welcome. Feel free to maintain your own custom version, so long as the changes you make are open to the public in accordance with the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).


  •    C++

ACE is a C++ framework for implementing distributed and networked applications, TAO is a C++ implementation of the OMG's CORBA standard. The main home page is here. Mailing lists are available here and the Bugzilla for issues is here.

libpillowfight - Small library containing various image processing algorithms (+ Python 3 bindings) that has almost no dependencies

  •    C

Really simple C Library containing various image processing algorithms. It includes Python 3 bindings designed to operate on Pillow images (PIL.Image).The C library depends only on the libc. The Python bindings depend only on Pillow.

vice - Vim mode for ace

  •    Javascript

This is VIM plugin for Ace. It can be added to the list of Ace plugins to add a VIM modes and keybindings. You also will need to use any static file server to play.

owl-verbalizer - OWL verbalizer: making machine-readable knowledge also human-readable

  •    Web

OWL verbalizer is a tool that converts an OWL ontology into an Attempto Controlled English (ACE) text. For a demo visit the OWL verbalizer demo page.

Custom-JavaScript-for-Websites-2 - Run custom JavaScript on any website

  •    Javascript

Run custom JavaScript on any website. Use this tool to inject custom javascript in any website. Your scripts are kept in the local storage and applied across domain URLs.

fongshen-editor - A highly customizable code-inserting editor for markdown or other languages

  •    PHP

A highly customizable code-inserting editor. Fongshen is a code inserting editor, It can integrate and wrap many other text editors and provides multiple buttons sets. Fongshen is based on well known MarkItUp editor but almost rewrite 80% codes.

acefile - read/test/extract ACE 1.0 and 2.0 archives in pure python

  •    Python

This single-file, pure python 3, no-dependencies implementation is intended to be used as a library, but also provides a stand-alone unace utility. As mostly pure-python implementation, it is significantly slower than native implementations, but more robust against vulnerabilities. This implementation supports up to version 2.0 of the ACE archive format, including the EXE, DELTA, PIC and SOUND modes of ACE 2.0, password protected archives and multi-volume archives. It does not support writing to archives. It is an implementation from scratch, based on the 1998 document titled "Technical information of the archiver ACE v1.2" by Marcel Lemke, using unace 2.5 and WinAce 2.69 by Marcel Lemke as reference implementations.

ACNESCreator - A program that creates Animal Crossing NES ROM save files for Animal Crossing to load

  •    CSharp

ACNESCreator allows you to create GameCube GCI save files with your favorite NES ROMs included in them to be played on Animal Crossing. To create a NES ROM save file, open the program, give your ROM a name, browse for the NES ROM, and select your region. You can change the save file icon by right clicking on the current one and clicking "Import". 32x32 PNG is the supported format. Select any other options you wish to change, then click "Generate GCI File" to generate your save file. Once the save file has been created, import the save file to Dolphin, or use GCMM to get it on your physical memory card.