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revs - Revs Digital Library website (Blacklight Application)

  •    Ruby

This is a Blacklight Application for the Automobility Archive at Stanford University. The master branch is what is deployed in production.

SearchWorks - SearchWorks (Stanford University Libraries)

  •    Ruby

This is the codebase for the SearchWorks redesign. You will need to update the configuration in config/settings.yml for various parts of the app to work. Please check that file for more information.

sul-embed - An oEmbed Service for Stanford University Libraries

  •    Javascript

An oEmbed provider for embedding resources from the Stanford University Library. There is an embedded static page available at /pages/sandbox in your development and test environments. Make sure that you use the same host on the service input (first text field) as you are accessing the site from (e.g. localhost or

earthworks - Geospatial discovery application for Stanford University Libraries.

  •    Ruby

Important!!! Must be run with a production index passed in using the TEST_SOLR_URL env variable. If ssh tunneling, make sure to NOT run rake ci while tunneled as it may delete the index.

exhibits - Stanford University Libraries online exhibits showcase

  •    Ruby

The project's master branch provides a template Spotlight application with SUL branding and functionality. A Rake task is provided to (re)index content into the Solr index. It uses the configured sets in config/exhibit.yml.