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accept - HTTP Accept-* headers parsing

  •    Javascript

HTTP Accept-* headers parsing.Accept helps to answer the question of how best to respond to a HTTP request, based on the requesting browser's capabilities. Accept will parse the headers of a HTTP request and tell you what the preferred encoding is, what language should be used, and what charsets and media types are accepted.

negotiate-js - A JavaScript implementation of proper HTTP content negotiation

  •    Javascript

Negotiate.js is a JavaScript implementation of proper HTTP content negotiation, and is designed to be compatible with Node.js's HTTP Request API. Content negotiation is an optional feature of the HTTP protocol that allows for the automatic selection of the appropriate content representation of the requested resource based upon the attributes of the request and variants.

hapi-negotiator - Integrates Hapi with Negotiator

  •    Javascript

This project enhances content negotiation capabilities of Hapi. It's a wrapper around Negotiator module. When you have the same route but wants it to respond json or a html view depending on the Accept header.

vue-cookie-accept-decline - 👋 Show a banner with text, a decline button, and an accept button on your page

  •    Vue

Show a banner with text, a decline button, and an accept button on your page. Remembers selection using cookies. Emits an event with current selection on creation. Good for GDPR requirements or telling your users something that they can act on and then not see again. We needed a component to show a privacy banners on pages - came across the awesome vue-cookie-law by apertureless and it was almost what was needed, except we needed to track the option of an opt-out/decline which seemed a bit out of scope for that project - so vue-cookie-accept-decline is the result.

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