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defaultxrs-pd-abstractions - a set of abstractions written for pure data, including sequencers, guis, and other utilties


This is a collection of abstractions I've made for Pure Data. It includes sequencers, GUIs, general utilities, and a few effects and synths. I'm still in the process of writing them, so consider them "beta", and expect changes if you upgrade later (which will hopefully be mentioned in commit messages). Some objects might get renamed, removed, or end up working/looking completely different later. Beware of this. Right now, most of these abstractions will probably only work under Pd-extended 0.43. Since Pd-extended is no longer maintained, I'll slowly be working towards Pd-vanilla compatibility for this library.

cloudstorage - Cloud & local storage unified api (s3, google, azure, sftp, local)

  •    Go

Cloudstorage is an library for working with Cloud Storage (Google, AWS, Azure) and SFTP, Local Files. It provides a unified api for local files, sftp and Cloud files that aids testing and operating on multiple cloud storage. Note: For these examples all errors are ignored, using the _ for them.

three-stdlib - Stand-alone library of threejs examples designed to run without transpilation in node & browser

  •    Javascript

Stand-alone version of threejs/examples/jsm written in Typescript & built for ESM & CJS. threejs/examples were always considered as something that you need to copy/paste into your project and adapt to your needs. But that's not how people use them. This causes numerous issues & little support.

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