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absinthe_plug - Plug support for Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Plug support for Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir. Please see the website at http://absinthe-graphql.org.

apollo-tracing-elixir - Apollo Tracing middleware for Absinthe

  •    Elixir

ApolloTracing adds data to your GraphQL query response so that an Apollo Engine can provide insights into your Absinthe-based GraphQL service. ApolloTracing currently requires you to use a custom Pipeline in order to register 'Phases' in the correct order during resolution. Phases are used for measuring overall query times as well as appending the custom data to the response (including cache hints).

pokedex - 📕 DIY full-stack workshop teaching you Elixir, Absinthe GraphQL, React and Relay

  •    Javascript

This repository is a Do It Yourself workshop teaching you step-by-step the basics of implementing a GraphQL endpoint for your Phoenix application with huge help of the Absinthe Elixir library. Apart from that, part of the workshop covers the frontend work — you'll learn how to add Relay framework to your existing React application and use it to create highly interactive User Interfaces. Each branch contains the Pokédex application in a working state and the codebase is sprinkled with comments STEP <number>. Just "search in all" for STEP 1 on branch firstQuery to start the workshop, then for STEP 2, when you're finished with firstQuery checkout to connections search for STEP 1 and so on.