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pyxel - A retro game development environment in Python

  •    Python

Pyxel is a retro game development environment in Python. Thanks to its simple specifications inspired by retro gaming consoles, such as only 16 colors can be displayed and only 4 sounds can be played back at the same time, you can feel free to enjoy making pixel art style games.

TIC-80 - TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

  •    C

TIC-80 is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games. With TIC-80 you get built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game.

NES.css - NES-style CSS Framework | ファミコン風CSSフレームワーク

  •    CSS

NES.css is a NES-style(8bit-like) CSS Framework. NES.css is available via either npm (preferred), Yarn, or a CDN.

8bit - 🎮 Transform images into pixelated artwork

  •    Javascript

8Bit is a javascript module that converts an image into a pixelated version using canvas. You can find a demo here.

eight-bit-color-picker - Color Picker for 256 color palettes

  •    Javascript

This is a simple, flexible color-picker widget. It has no dependencies (not even on jQuery), so it's easy to just plug in and use. It weighs less than 3kb of combined JS & CSS once minified and gzipped. Since it exposes itself via the UMD exports format, it will comply with whatever module loading system you're using. If you're not using one, it will expose a global called EightBitColorPicker.

gorilla-cpm - GORILLA

  •    Modula-2

This is a Modula-2 (despite the name) implementation for CP/M of the classic "GORILLA.BAS" BASIC game included in MS-DOS 5.0. The choice was mainly due to a historic interest: this compiler (never distributed by Borland) was written by Martin Odersky (the inventor of Scala language) and had never been used by a critical mass of users. So it was both a challenging choice and a historic research.

queens-cpm - Eight Queen Puzzle - portable CP/M version, written on Commodore 128

  •    Pascal

Thanks to TomHarte for his CP/M for OS X, Robert Willie for sharing infos and advices, Werner Cirsovius for implementing "Append" missing function and Marco Luciano for his advices.

avatars - Pixel-Art Avatar Generator by Identifier in JavaScript for Browsers and NodeJS

  •    TypeScript

Our free HTTP-API is the easiest way to use Avatars. Just use the following URL as image source. Choose the CDN if you want to use a spriteCollection that is not available via the HTTP-API.

anise-cheezball-rising - an exciting new adventure for the Game Boy Color

  •    Python

Hello! This is a brand new adventure game for the Game Boy Color. It's about my cat Anise, having adventures. The canonical source for builds is Patreon, where you can get access a whole week early for only $4 a month! I may also upload builds here, um, when I remember.

rsnake - Snake implemented in rust.

  •    Rust

This game was built using the piston_window window wrapper. If youre using mac-osx or windows you can either download this game as executeable here - otherwise you can build it locally with cargo.

comicbubbles - CSS-only 8 bit-like comic balloons

  •    CSS

Simple CSS only, one element, 8 Bit-like comic bubble. Based on http://wigflip.com/ds/. IE 9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera...

retroio - CLI utility for reading 8-bit emulator disk and tape images (ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad)

  •    Go

A command-line utility written in the Go programming language for working with disk and cassette tape files used by emulators of home computers from the 1980s. One example would be tzx tapes from the ZX Spectrum 8-bit home computer.

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