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zlibnet - c# zlib wrapper library

  •    CSharp

zlibnet - c# zlib wrapper library

Browser Gallese


Browser Gallese is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to surf the web from a friendly and easy-to-use GUI.

rewolf-wow64ext - Helper library for x86 programs that runs under WOW64 layer on x64 versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems

  •    C++

WOW64Ext is a helper library for x86 programs that runs under WOW64 layer on x64 versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It enables x86 applications to read, write and enumerate memory of a native x64 applications. There is also possibility to call any x64 function from 64-bits version of NTDLL through a special function called X64Call(). As a bonus, wow64ext.h contains definitions of some structures that might be useful for programs that want to access PEB, TEB, TIB etc.

awesome64 - WIP Awesome 64-bit integer implementation in JS

  •    Javascript

Awesome implementation of 64-bit integers in JS.This software is licensed under the MIT License.

int64-buffer - 64bit Long Integer on Buffer/ArrayBuffer in Pure JavaScript

  •    Javascript

JavaScript's number based on IEEE-754 could only handle 53 bits precision. This module provides two pair of classes: Int64BE/Uint64BE and Int64LE/Uint64LE which could hold 64 bits long integer and loose no bit. Int64BE is the class to host a 64 bit signed long integer int64_t.

RV12 - RISC-V CPU Core

  •    SystemVerilog

The RV12 implements a Harvard architecture for simultaneous instruction and data memory accesses. It features an optimizing folded 4-stage pipeline, which optimizes overlaps between the execution and memory accesses, thereby reducing stalls and improving efficiency. Requires the Roa Logic Memories IPs and AHB3Lite Package. These are included as submodules.

ti-64 - Check all Appcelerator Titanium project and/or global modules for 64-bit iOS support.

  •    Javascript

Check all Appcelerator Titanium iOS modules you have installed in a project or global for 64-bit iOS support. Apple requires new apps to include 64-bit support starting Feb 1, while updated have until June 1.