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VR Player


VR Player is an experimental Virtual Reality Media Player for Head-Mounted Display devices like the Oculus Rift.

auralizr - Acoustic Auralization using the Web Audio

  •    CSS

The demo uses the getUserMedia/Stream API to receive audio from the microphone and the Web Audio API for convolution. The impulse responses were taken from OpenAir.

libspatialaudio - Ambisonic encoding / decoding and binauralization library in C++

  •    Objective-C

libspatialaudio is an open-source and cross-platform C++ library for Ambisonic encoding and decoding, filtering and binaural rendering. It is targetted to render High-Order Ambisonic (HOA) and VR/3D audio samples in multiple environments, from headphones to classic loudspeakers. Its binaural rendering can be used for classical 5.1/7.1 spatial channels as well as Ambisonics inputs. The library allows you to encode, decode, rotate, zoom HOA Ambisonics audio streams up to the 3rd order. It can output to standard and custom loudspeakers arrays. To playback with headphones, the binauralizer applies an HRTF (either a SOFA file or the included MIT HRTF) to provide a spatial binaural rendering effect. The binauralization can also be used to render multichannels streams (5.1, 7.1...).

ear-production-suite - The EAR Production Suite is a set of VST® plugins and tools for producing immersive and personalizable audio content suitable for any Next Generation Audio codec

  •    C++

A collection of VST3 audio plugins, and an extention to REAPER for production of next generation audio content using the EBU ADM Renderer. You can download prebuilt versions of the plugins and extension using the following links.

ReTiSAR - Real-Time Spherical Microphone Renderer for binaural reproduction in Python

  •    Python

Implementation of the Real-Time Spherical Microphone Renderer for binaural reproduction in Python [1][2]. JACK initialization — In case you have never started the JACK audio server on your system or want to make sure it initializes with appropriate values. Open the JackPilot application set your system specific default settings. At this point the only relevant JACK audio server setting is the sampling frequency, which has to match the sampling frequency of your rendered audio source file or stream (no resampling will be applied for that specific file).

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