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  •    Javascript

Lodash mixin which assigns arbitrary arguments to named keys which correspond to named predicates in an object.


  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin which adds the ability to remove classes using multiple arguments, coma seperated strings and regular expressions.

iso-639-3 - ISO-639-3 codes in an accessible format

  •    Javascript

ISO 639-3 codes in an accessible format, all of them.Array.<Language> — List of languages.

ndarray-gemm - General matrix multiplication for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

General matrix multiply for ndarrays. This is analogous to the BLAS level 3 routine xGEMM.Note that while this implementation is correct, it is not yet very optimized. If someone wants to take over this project or suggest improvements, patches are welcome.

get-plane-normal - gets a plane's normal from 3 points

  •    Javascript

Gets a plane's normal from 3 points on that plane.With three points on the same plane, determines the unit normal and stores it in out [x, y, z].

github3 - Node.js GitHub API (v3) Wrapper

  •    Javascript

Copyright (c) 2011, Edward Hotchkiss.


  •    Javascript

A project that does stuff.

vue-cli-plugin-vuetify - Vuetify vue-cli 3 plugin

  •    Javascript

Tip: If you don't want to overwrite your current vue-cli because you still need vue init, then try this. To install the vuetify plugin...

three-ducks - Distilled Redux for gourmet developers

  •    Javascript

Tiny Redux clone with plugins. Running a simple "counter" micro-benchmark.

UIAdmin - UIAdmin - UI Kit 3 Responsive Admin Panel

  •    HTML

This admin panel template uses UI Kit 3 Beta 31 and it's build to be responsive and clean, you can find some screenshots below. Simply download or clone the repository to use the template.