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quadtree-lib - Efficient quadtrees library written in CoffeeScript.

  •    CoffeeScript

If you are already familiar with quadtrees, then you should perfectly understand how to use this library. Otherwise, there are many online articles (wikipedia does the job) which explain the advantages of using the quadtree datastructure in certain situations.

fold - FOLD file format for origami models, crease patterns, etc.

  •    CoffeeScript

FOLD (Flexible Origami List Datastructure) is a file format (with extension .fold) for describing origami models: crease patterns, mountain-valley patterns, folded states, etc. Mainly, a FOLD file can store a mesh with vertices, edges, faces, and links between them, with optional 2D or 3D geometry, plus the topological stacking order of faces that overlap geometrically. A mesh can also easily store additional user-defined data. One FOLD file can even store multiple such meshes in "frames" (but this feature is not yet supported in any code). This repository both documents the FOLD format (which is still in early stages so its definition is evolving) and provides web software tools and JavaScript libraries to aid in manipulation of FOLD files. FOLD is built upon JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) so parsers are available in essentially all programming languages. Once parsed, the format also serves as the typical data structure you'll want to represent foldings in your software. Our libraries also help build useful redundant data structures for navigating the mesh.

basegl - A blazing fast WebGL drawing API

  •    CoffeeScript

BaseGL is a blazing fast WebGL drawing API. Currently supports two-dimensional operations, including SDF shapes, animation, mouse handling and SDF text (both online atlas baking as well as rendering).