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gg - Go Graphics - 2D rendering in Go with a simple API.

  •    Go

gg is a library for rendering 2D graphics in pure Go.There are lots of examples included. They're mostly for testing the code, but they're good for learning, too.

blend2d - 2D Vector Graphics Engine Powered by a JIT Compiler

  •    C++

2D Vector Graphics Powered by a JIT Compiler. See blend2d.com page for more details.

fbg - FBGraphics (FBG) is a simple C 24 bpp graphics library for the Linux framebuffer with parallelism support

  •    C

FBGraphics (FBG) is a simple C 24 bpp graphics library for the Linux framebuffer with parallelism support. The library is relatively generic, most functions (including parallel ones) only manipulate buffers, it should be easy to extract some parts and adapt it to other means, you may want to check fbg_setup fbg_draw fbg_flipand fbg_close for that.

agge - Anti-Grain Evolution. 2D graphics engine for Speed and Quality in C++.

  •    C++

This project is based on ideas found in Maxim (mcseem) Shemanarev's Anti-Grain Geometry library, but oriented towards maximizing performance and stability. This engine sits on top of vector rasterizer and renderer rewritten from scratch in test-first style. Note: to build for Android vs-android is required. This is planned to change.


  •    Kotlin

Kubed is a data visualization DSL embedded within the Kotlin programming language. Kubed facilitates the creation of interactive visualizations through data-driven transformations of the JavaFX scenegraph. With Kubed, developers can construct complex data visualizations through the composition of geometric primitives, such as rectangles, lines and text, whose visual properties are defined by functions over the underlying data. Below is an example of the Kubed DSL; a simple bar chart is constructed.

graphics - A library for 2D graphics, written in Rust, that works with multiple back-ends

  •    Rust

A library for 2D graphics, written in Rust, that works with multiple back-ends. Rust is programming language developed by Mozilla and the Rust community. It is fast, safe, concurrent and cross platform. Because of the many numbers of potential platforms (read: all kinds of computers), it would be nice to have a 2D graphics library that works with multiple back-ends, so you don't have to invent a new graphics engine for each platform you are working on.

Winston.jl - 2D plotting for Julia

  •    Julia

which creates a blue dotted line and green triangles. Hosted by Read The Docs.

rasterx - Rasterx is an SVG 2

  •    Go

Rasterx is a golang rasterizer that implements path stroking functions capable of SVG 2.0 compliant 'arc' joins and explicit loop closing. The above image shows the effect of using different join modes for a stroked curving path. The top stroked path uses miter (green) or arc (red, yellow, orange) join functions with high miter limit. The middle and lower path shows the effect of using the miter-clip and arc-clip joins, repectively, with different miter-limit values. The black chevrons at the top show different cap and gap functions.

DelphiBlend2D - Blend2D for Delphi: language bindings and framework for Blend2D

  •    Pascal

Blend2D is high-performance 2D vector graphics engine. It was written from scratch with the goal to achieve the best possible software-based acceleration of 2D rendering. Blend2D provides a high-quality analytic rasterizer, a new stroking engine that uses curve offsetting instead of flattening, and a 2D pipeline generator that uses JIT compilation to generate optimal 2D pipelines at runtime. DelphiBlend2D opens op Blend2D for Delphi developers. It provides header translations for the Blend2D C API, as well as an object oriented framework to make it easier to use.

canvas - Draw on an HTML 2D canvas in a web browser from a server program using WebSockets.

  •    Go

This Go module uses WebSockets to communicate with a 2D canvas graphics context in a web browser. It offers a portable way to create interactive 2D graphics from within a Go program. The Go program (server) sends draw commands to the web browser (client) via WebSockets using a binary format. The client in return sends keyboard, mouse and touch events to the server.

gridder - A Grid based 2D Graphics library

  •    Go

Built on top of Go Graphics github.com/fogleman/gg with the idea to simplify visualizing Grids using 2D Graphics. Exploring the GridConfig configuration object. The Rows and Columns represent the rows and columns of the grid you wish to visualize. You can customize the grid by playing various options from style, color and width.

fb2d - 2D graphics for Linux Frame Buffer

  •    Rust

2D graphics for Linux Frame Buffer

ink - Creative coding in Go

  •    Go

Ink is a framework for creative 2D graphics in Go, based on OpenGL. Visit buchanae.github.io/ink for more. There are more examples in the sketches directory.

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