panini - A super simple flat file generator.

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A super simple flat file generator for use with Gulp. It compiles a series of HTML pages using a common layout. These pages can also include HTML partials, external Handlebars helpers, or external data as JSON or YAML. Panini isn't a full-fledged static site generator—rather, it solves the very specific problem of assembling flat files from common elements, using a templating language.


deepmerge : ^1.3.2
front-matter : ^2.0.5
glob : ^7.0.0
handlebars : ^4.0.5
highlight.js : ^8.9.1
js-yaml : ^3.5.2
marked : ^0.3.14
nopt : ^4.0.1
slash : ^1.0.0
strip-bom : 2.0.0
through2 : ^2.0.0
vinyl-fs : ^2.4.4



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Atom-Beautify respects the core.telemetryConsent configuration option from Atom editor. If you do not wish to have usage data sent to Google Analytics then please set core.telemetryConsent to no or undecided option before using Atom-Beautify. See Anonymous Analytics section of docs for details. Thank you. Atom-Beautify is going to be completely rewritten with Unibeautify at its core! See unibeautify branch for work in progress and Issue #1174.

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Precompile Handlebars templates to JST file. This plugin was designed to work with Grunt 0.4.x. If you're still using grunt v0.3.x it's strongly recommended that you upgrade, but in case you can't please use v0.3.3.

bower-foundation - Foundation 5 Bower Package (NOTE: This is automatically generated from TravisCI, no PR's will be accepted)

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Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. You can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device with Foundation, which includes layout constructs (like a fully responsive grid), elements and best practices. Copyright (c) 2015 ZURB, inc.

handlebars_assets - Use handlebars.js templates with the Rails asset pipeline.

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@AlexRiedler has made some larger changes to this repository for going forward; If you have existing monkey patches they may not work, and the configuration schema has changed slightly to handle multiple extensions for the same compilation pipeline. My pull request to allow / in partials was pulled into Handlebars. The hack that converted partial names to underscored paths (shared/_time -> _shared_time) is no longer necessary and has been removed. You should change all the partial references in your app when upgrading from a version prior to v0.9.0.

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