IMI - 基于 Swoole 开发的协程 PHP 开发框架,常驻内存、协程异步,致力于丰富框架文档,上手容易,让开发者跟使用传统 MVC 框架一样顺手

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基于 Swoole 开发的协程 PHP 开发框架,常驻内存、协程异步,致力于丰富框架文档,上手容易,让开发者跟使用传统 MVC 框架一样顺手



Related Projects

swoft - ⚡️ Modern High performance AOP and Coroutine PHP Framework, base on Swoole

  •    PHP

The first high-performance PHP coroutine full-stack componentization framework based on Swoole native coroutine, built-in coroutine web server and commonly-used coroutine client, resident memory, which has no dependency on PHP-FPM, asynchronous non-blocking IO implementation, similar to synchronous client style of writing to achieve the use of asynchronous clients, without complex asynchronous callback, no tedious yield, similar Go language coroutines, flexible annotations framework, a powerful global dependency injection container base on annotations, and great service governance , flexible and powerful AOP, PSR specification implementation, etc., could be used to build high-performance Web systems, APIs, middleware, basic services, microservice and so on. Chinese Document English Document Not yet, please help us write it.

tsf - coroutine and Swoole based php server framework in tencent

  •    PHP

Tencent Server Framework is a coroutine and Swoole based server framework for fast server deployment which developed by Tencent engineers.

swoole-src - Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent & coroutine networking engine with high performance for PHP

  •    C

Swoole is an event-driven asynchronous & concurrent networking communication framework with high performance written only in C for PHP.The network layer in Swoole is event-based and takes full advantage of the underlaying epoll/kqueue implementation, making it really easy to serve thousands of connections.

blink - A high performance web framework and application server in PHP.

  •    PHP

Blink is a micro web framework for building long-running and high performance services, the design heavily inspired by Yii2 and Laravel. Blink aims to provide the most expressive and elegant API and try to make the experience of web development as pleasant as possible. Besides, Blink is also an application server that can serve requests directly in PHP, without php-fpm or Apache's mod_php. we use the Swoole extension as the underlying networking library. This can easily make our PHP application 100% faster in just a blink.

laravel-swoole - High performance HTTP server based on Swoole

  •    PHP

This package provides a high performance HTTP server to speed up your Laravel/Lumen application based on Swoole. The common questions are collected in Q&A. You can go check if your question is listed in the document.

swoole-jobs - Dynamic multi process worker queue base on swoole, like gearman but high performance

  •    PHP

redis/rabbitmq/zeromq and any other queue message store (currently only redis/rabbitmq). use swoole process to realize multi process management, the number of processes can be configured, and the worker process will automatically pull up after exiting.

swoole-bot - 基于swoole实现的微信机器人,依赖vbot和微信网页版的功能,帮助管理微信群/聊天/踢人等

  •    PHP


swoole_study - 一份Swoole入门教程,根据作者的个人理解编写,常见的Swoole入门知识和讲解。



framework - PHP advanced Web development framework

  •    PHP

PHP advanced Web development framework. The built-in application server based on the development of swoole extension.

PaySDK - PHP 集成支付 SDK ,集成了支付宝、微信支付的支付接口和其它相关接口的操作。可以轻松嵌入支持 PHP >= 5.4 的任何系统中。程序员聚集群:74401592

  •    PHP

PHP 集成支付 SDK ,集成了支付宝、微信支付的支付接口和其它相关接口的操作。可以轻松嵌入支持 PHP >= 5.4 的任何系统中。程序员聚集群:74401592

Dora-RPC - DoraRPC is an RPC For the PHP MicroService by The Swoole

  •    PHP

For complex projects separation, the project can be better maintained by the API project management.

webim - 使用PHP+Swoole实现的网页即时聊天工具

  •    Javascript


easyswoole - use swoole easily just like echo "hello world";

  •    PHP

use swoole easily just like echo "hello world";

Rain Framework - MVC Framework for PHP

  •    PHP

Rain is the MVC framework for PHP, easy to learn and to install. It makes applications easier to create and enable designers and developers to better work together. It is fast and light weight. It is secure, validates input and output. It uses WYSIWYG editor to work with HTML. It uses Rain TPL as its template engine which separates business logic from presentation.