SlidingRootNav - DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup, where a "drawer" is hidden under the content view, which can be shifted to make the drawer visible

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The library is a DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup, where a "drawer" is hidden under the content view, which can be shifted to make the drawer visible. It doesn't provide you with a drawer builder. Add this into your dependencies block.



Related Projects

MaterialDrawer - The flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your Android project.

  •    Java

If any (or all) of these questions seem familiar, the MaterialDrawer is the perfect library for you all. Never waste your time again. It provides you with the easiest possible implementation of a navigation drawer for your application. There is a Header with profiles (AccountHeader), a MiniDrawer for Tablets (like Gmail), provide custom DrawerItems, custom colors, custom themes, ... No limits for customizations.

simple-side-drawer - Simple library which enable you to add a drawer(slide-out) navigation to your android application

  •    Java

SimpleSideDrawer is an android library to add a drawer navigation into your android application. This library has high affinity with other libraries like ActionBarSherlock or etc. ###Step2: Set up the side menu Add the 2 lines under the onCreate method in an Activity you want to add the side menu.

KYDrawerController - Side Drawer Navigation Controller similar to Android

  •    Swift

KYDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller similar to Android. Just add the Classes folder to your project.

MaterialDrawerKt - A Kotlin DSL wrapper around the mikepenz/MaterialDrawer library.

  •    Kotlin

Create navigation drawers in your Activities and Fragments without having to write any XML, in pure Kotlin code, with access to all the features of the original library: all sorts of menu items, badges, account headers, and more. You can find the sample app in the Play Store, and its source code in the app module of the project.

react-native-drawer - React Native Drawer

  •    Javascript

React native drawer, configurable to achieve material design style, slack style, parallax, and more. Works in both iOS and Android. This module supports a wide range of drawer styles, and hence has a lot of props.

FragNav - An Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments

  •    Kotlin

Android library for managing multiple stacks of fragments (e.g., Bottom Navigation , Navigation Drawer). This library does NOT include the UI for bottom tab bar layout. For that, I recommend either BottomBar (which is the library shown in the demo) or AHBottomNavigation. This library helps maintain order after pushing onto and popping from multiple stacks(tabs). It also helps with switching between desired tabs and clearing the stacks. With Material Design Bottom Navigation pattern, and other tabbed navigation, managing multiple stacks of fragments can be a real headache. The example file shows best practice for navigating deep within a tab stack.

NappDrawer - A side drawer navigation container view controller for Appcelerator Titanium.

  •    Objective-C

The Napp Drawer module extends the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework. The module is licensed under the MIT license. There are some minor platform parity differences in this module. iOS version uses Windows whereas Android uses views. The android version still uses the same properties even though its views rather than windows, e.g. isAnyWindowOpen() is the exact same method call on each platform.

AndroidSideMenu - Side menu for android applications

  •    Java

This library is deprecated and won't be supported any longer. Instead, I would suggest you to use DrawerLayout which is supported by Google and follows their design guidelines. AndroidSideMenu lets you create side (slide\drawer, whatever you call it) menu without special effort.

MMDrawerController - A lightweight, easy to use, Side Drawer Navigation Controller

  •    Objective-C

#Mutual Mobile Drawer Controller MMDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller designed to support the growing number of applications that leverage the side drawer paradigm. This library is designed to exclusively support side drawer navigation in a light-weight, focused approach while exposing the ability to provide custom animations for presenting and dismissing the drawer. ##Documentation Official appledoc documentation can be found at CocoaDocs.

AdaptableBottomNavigation - A simpler way for implementing the Bottom Navigation View on Android

  •    Java

AdaptableBottomNavigationView - The Bottom Navigation View for displaying navigation items in a bar at the bottom of the screen. This view extends the BottomNavigationView from the Design Support Library, so the two classes are easily interchangable in your projects. FragmentStateAdapter / FragmentAdapter - An abstract adapter that allows you to create an adapter for displaying fragments within the ViewSwapper. These classes are the same as the implementations found within the Android Framework, agan with a few tweaks to better match the behaviour of the View Swapper component.

Side-Menu.iOS - Animated side menu with customizable UI

  •    Swift

Animated side menu with customizable UI. Made in Yalantis. Check this project on dribbble. Check this project on Behance. For application targets that do not support embedded frameworks, such as iOS 7, SideMenu can be integrated by including source files from the SideMenu folder directly, optionally wrapping the top-level types into struct SideMenu to simulate a namespace. Yes, this sucks.

MSDynamicsDrawerViewController - Container view controller that leverages UIKit Dynamics to provide a realistic drawer navigation paradigm

  •    Objective-C

MSDynamicsDrawerViewController was written by Eric Horacek for Monospace Ltd. MSDynamicsDrawerViewController is a container view controller that manages the presentation of a single "pane" view controller overlaid over one or two "drawer" view controllers. The drawer view controllers are hidden by default, but can be exposed by a user-initiated swipe in the direction that that drawer view controller is hidden in. It uses UIKit Dynamics for all animation—there's not a single call to animateWithDuration:animations: in the project.

FlowingDrawer - swipe display drawer with flowing & bouncing effects.

  •    Java

swipe right to display drawer with flowing effects. Include the following dependency in your build.gradle file.

Android-studio-material-template - A template for Android Studio to create applications with material design and Navigation Drawer

  •    FreeMarker

A template for Android Studio to create applications with material design and Navigation Drawer.

android-material-drawer-template - An Android template with navigation drawer for material design

  •    Java

DEPRECATED I'm not currently supporting this repository. Please check Android Studio template for an updated material template for Android Studio.

DiscreteScrollView - A scrollable list of items that centers the current element and provides easy-to-use APIs for cool item animations

  •    Java

The library is a RecyclerView-based implementation of a scrollable list, where current item is centered and can be changed using swipes. It is similar to a ViewPager, but you can quickly and painlessly create layout, where views adjacent to the currently selected view are partially or fully visible on the screen. Add this into your dependencies block.

android-transition - Allows the easy creation of animated transition effects when the state of Android UI has changed

  •    Java

Android-Transition allows the easy creation of view transitions that reacts to user inputs. The library is designed to be general enough such that the same transition can be applied to differnt UI components like Drawer, SlidingUpPanel, ViewPager, ObservableScrollView (work in progress), etc., as long as appropriate adapter is used. Fixed an embarrassing mistakenly-capitalized package name.

Hyperion-Android - App Debugging & Inspection Tool for Android

  •    Java

Hyperion is a hidden plugin drawer that can easily be integrated into any app. The drawer sits discreetly 🙊 under the app so that it is there when you need it and out of the way when you don't. Hyperion plugins are designed to make inspection of your app quick and simple. Please see our annoucement blog post for a feature showcase.

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