xLite Player - Silverlight Media Player

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This is a media player written in Silverlight 3. It uses XML as it's data storage. It includes searching, paging and ability to add title, thumbnail and description to each video.




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Open video player - media players for Flash and Silverlight

Open Video Player (OVP) is an initiative encompassing the use of open standards, best practices, and established development methodologies in the development of media player applications. Currently this project provides a code base that can be used to solve common problems as part of building advanced, scalable, and robust web-based media player applications in Flash, Silverlight, Apple iOS and HTML5.

Silverlight Media Player(Basic)

i need people to help with a simple media player for my mates website, coded in C# \ Silverlight , thanks in advance

Silverlight Media Player

Silverlight™ Media Player SDK (currently #1 on Google) with extended customization features allows setting initial values and adding chapters programmatically. It's developed in C# (ASP.NET, AJAX) and is compatible with Silverlight™ versions 2.0/3.0/4.0.

Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework

Microsoft's open source media player framework - a component of the Microsoft Media Platform. This project was formerly known as the Silverlight Media Framework (SMF).

SilverlightMedia JavaScript Library

A JavaScript library making it quick and easy to work with any web-based media player built with Silverlight. You can take control of any Silverlight media player using pure JavaScript. This facilitates useful scenarios e.g. creating HTML controls, displaying player status,...

Simple Silverlight Media Player (SSMP)

This is a really basic media player written in Silverlight and meant to be used by folks on their blogs.

Player Framework by Microsoft

An open source, robust video player framework for Windows 8, HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other application platforms.

as3-media-player - Action Script 3 Media Player Base

Action Script 3 Media Player Base

Accessible Media Project

A collection of tools to enable the creation of accessible media experiences using silverlight and WPF. The first tools are player skins which incorporate captioning, audio description, and sign translation; and demonstrate expose custom controls to assistive technology with UIA.


jlEmbed is a plugin for jQuery, which makes it easier to add embedded media players to your webpage. With support for Adobe Flash, Quicktime, Real Player, Silverlight, Windows Media Player, and YouTube, you will no longer need to hard-code lengthy, cumbersome, and invalid HTML for your music or videos. jlEmbed also has built-in music playlist support, a customizable MP3, SWF, FLV, YouTube audio player, support for swfobject, YouTube videos, and custom YouTube video playlists.

Silverlight™, YouTube™ API (ASP.NET, C#)

Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) built on ASP.NET (2.0/3.5/4.0) platform, utilizing "best of both worlds": embedded YouTube™ and Silverlight™ Media Players. API, written in C# provides plenty of customization features.

Live Stereoscopic 3D

Watch live stereoscopic 3D in Silverlight using 2 webcams and the MMP Player Framework (formerly known as the Silverlight Media Framework). This project includes a new plugin that can be easily combined with the new S3D feature relesed in version 2.5 of the MMP Player Framework.


A media player to demonstrate lots of new Silverlight 4 features. Running out of browser and reading files from the MyMusic folder are two of them. It is using MEF to load extensions.

We Blast Out Silverlight Mp3 Player

The Silverlight Mp3 Player project is aimed to provide to the Silverlight community a simple, easy to use audio player that can be quickly included in any Silverlight project. The project is in its early days and is focused on the basics only.

Silverlight Audio Player

This project is for the development of audio player interfaces using Silverlight, with the intention that they can be easily used in websites. Initially we will have one simple player that plays a single file and one that operates from a playlist.

RasPyPlayer - A simple media player originally designed for the Raspberry Pi written in Python 3.

A simple media player originally designed for the Raspberry Pi written in Python 3.

The Silverlight Hyper Video Player & WP7 Application

The SLHVP is an extensible hyperVideo platform to orchestrate media, data, user-experiences, and social-interaction into compelling applications. 1TouchIt - the WP7 application compliments the HVP browser application

VLC - Media player

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.


The Dash Media Player is an Open Source ( GPL ) flash media player that was designed to deliver multimedia within Drupal CMS, but can also be used as a stand alone media player. Just imagine, a media player whose content is driven by the power and flexibility of a content management system. With this player, you can truly take advantage of the best of two worlds... the incredible user interface of Flash, and the content managed environment of a CMS. Using these two systems together, you can quit