WPF Architectural Patterns Examples

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Some sample code demonstrating how various GUI architectural patterns can be implementing in WPF.




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Architecture Lab: Data Patterns & Practices

Contains different types of code samples to explore different types of technical solutions/patterns from an architect's point of view.

JDP: Java Design Pattern API

The Java Design Pattern API provides a lightweight architecture for representing design patterns as Marker Interfaces within Java applications. This allows for richer JavaDoc documentation and opens up the possibility of pattern-aware development tools.


JavaScript implementation of HotDraw. HotDraw was invented by Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck at Tektronix in the 1980’s (and implemented in Smalltalk). Ralph Johnson has used HotDraw as a case study while arguing for Documenting Frameworks using Patterns (OOPSLA92): design patterns and pattern languages provide much of the documentation needed by someone wanting to use a framework to implement an application. Johnson and Kent Beck went further to claim that Patterns Generate Architectures (ECOOP9

patterns & practices: Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications

patterns & practices: Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications Guide.

Reggie - Regular Expression Generator/Tester

Reggie's goal is to be a simple developer tool for writing and testing Regular Expressions. It is inspired by the venerable Regulator tool and will be created in WPF using the MVVM pattern with the Caliburn Micro framework.

mvvm-test-1 - Basic C# project using MVVM design pattern.

Basic C# project using MVVM design pattern.

Silverlight MVVM wizard using Caliburn Micro

This MVVM style Silverlight 4 wizard shows some Caliburn Micro features, as well as the use of MEF and MVVM style unit testing. The UI and code are based on the code accompanying the "Code Project" article "Creating an Internationalized Wizard in WPF" from dec. 2008.


dotCommand project explores various .NET implementations of Command design pattern, by providing and measuring those implementations.

Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit

The Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit is created for those who are using Model-View-ViewModel design pattern for building Silverlight Business Application.

angularjs-in-patterns - AngularJS in patterns - this repository provides different look into AngularJS

One of the best ways to learn something new is to see how the things you already know are used in it. This document does not intend to make its readers familiar with the design or architectural patterns; it suggests basic understanding of the concepts of the OOP, design patterns and architectural patterns. The goal of this paper is to describe how different software design and architectural patterns are applied in AngularJS or any AngularJS single-page application.The document begins with brief overview of the AngularJS framework. The overview explains the main AngularJS components - directives, filters, controllers, services, scope. The second section lists and describes different design and architectural patterns, which are implemented inside the framework. The patterns are grouped by the AngularJS component they are used in. If some patterns are used inside multiple components it will be explicitly mentioned.

WPF Application Framework (WAF)

The WPF Application Framework (WAF) is a lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured WPF Applications. It supports you in applying a Layered Architecture and the Model-View-ViewModel (aka MVVM, M-V-VM, PresentationModel) pattern.

Template-Design-Pattern-in-Ruby - The template design pattern from Design Patterns in Ruby Ch. 3

The template design pattern from Design Patterns in Ruby Ch. 3

Strategy-Design-Pattern-in-Ruby - Strategy Design Pattern from Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen

Strategy Design Pattern from Design Patterns in Ruby by Russ Olsen

patterns & practices Web Client Developer Guidance

The Web Client Guidance from patterns & practices, assist developers and architects with the design, development and deployment of Rich Responsive Web applications using .NET.

patterns & practices Improving Web Services Security Guide

Guidance for building secure Web services. Includes design and implementation guidance for WCF security scenarios. Prescriptive guidance includes guidelines, checklists, key security practices, end-to-end application scenarios, and step-by-step How Tos.

patterns & practices Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance

The Acceptance Test Engineering Guide will provide guidance for technology stakeholders (developers, development leads, testers, test leads, architects, etc.) and business stakeholders (managers, customers, end users, etc) on the discipline of acceptance testing.

Pattern Testing

Pattern Testing : A new type of automated testing that ensures that development patterns, best practices, architecture design are being correctly implemented.

patterns & practices Guidance Explorer

Guidance Explorer is a tool to find and use relevant patterns & practices guidance. Guidance Explorer installs with a guidance library including performance and security topics for .NET and ASP.NET applications. The guidance library contains checklists and guidelines covering des