WPF Native Folder Browser

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Use the Windows Vista / Windows 7 Folder Browser Dialog from your WPF projects, without any additional dependencies.




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File System Controls in WPF (Folder Picker and Auto Complete TextBox)

This project contains WPF controls that are useful for working with the File System. Currently there is only an auto complete path (like address bar of Windows Explorer) control and a folder pick control (folder TreeView). Both can be used to pick a folder or use UNC path


This is a browser build using WPF and the windows browser control. ThunderStorm does all the basic browser operations like browsing multiple sites using tabs, a

iWatchSyncer - iTunes auto music importing

iWatchSyncer is a small WPF c# program that will monitor a given location for file/folder addition. When a mp3 file, or folder containing mp3 files, is added iWatchSyncer will automatically add these to the iTunes music library. Instead of doing this yourself manually in iTunes!

tips-and-tricks-wpf - ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF examples from the Esri Dev Summit 2013

* The repo contains 3 folders which represent the 3 session topics presented at the Esri Dev Summit:* Best-Development-Practices-and-Patterns* Developing-Mapping-Applications* Implementing-Analysis-Editing-and-Offline-Applications* Session folders contain one folder per individual demo. Each demo folder contains two or more sub folders:* App:- The compilation output location (release & debug)* Maps-and-Data:- Packaged maps and data used by the demonstration* SourceCode:-A Visual Studio 2012 Proj

FolderPassword - wpf folder password protection

wpf folder password protection

MSAP for WPF (another MVVM for WPF)

MSAP is an application framework based on the pattern MVVM. It aims to structure and organize the development of a WPF application type Browser Application (XBAP). To do this he introduces models for (ViewModels VM) which allow to organize the application module, service, page.


FolderDrive is a small tool that turns your folders into drives. Imagine having your Dropbox folder behaving as the (almost real) harddrive. It's another handy solution in the ongoing quest for quick access to your favorite folders. The project is developed in C# using WPF ...

wpf-embedded-web-kit-example - WPF Embedded Chromium Browser Demonstration with Awesomium

WPF Embedded Chromium Browser Demonstration with Awesomium

WPF Application Framework

Our project includes some controls and solutions to be used such a starter kit to create WPF applications including Xaml Browser Applications - XBAP. This is a beginning project and is provided "AS IS". We intend to update it constantly.

MSDN Forums Browser

ForumsBrowser makes it easier for MSDN Forums participants to keep up-to-date on their favorite forums, and easily access the forums as well. This means you can close all the tabs on your browser and lose the bookmarks. It's developed in C# as a WPF application.

SQLiteBrowserNet - SQLite Browser written using .NET and WPF

SQLite Browser written using .NET and WPF

WPF Chromium WebBrowser control

Being able to render and interact with webpages within WPF opens up some great opportunities. This project mixes Google’s Chromium project, a great wrapper called Awesomium and a little WPF pixie dust...

Granular - WPF for JavaScript

Granular is a re-implementation of WPF which is designed to run in the browser, it aims to bring to web applications the same development experience as WPF brings to desktop applications (with xamls, code-behind, real MVVM).


Windows application implemented using WPF to synchronize an Itunes library to a folder using ID3-Tags

django-tinymce-images - Plugin to tinymce, Image browser in media folder

Plugin to tinymce, Image browser in media folder

WPF Frame Web Browser Sample

A simple web browser sample based on frame navigation themed in a Modern UI style.

Layout Designer

A prototype WPF/Silverlight UI layout designer. Works with basic panels (StackPanel and Grid). Built entirely using drag-n-drop. XAML can be copied to clipboard. Built with Silverlight 4 and runs in the browser.

Exception Message Box: WPF Dialogbox/Messagebox with treeview exception browser

This is a light weight WPF exception message box that displays information from an exception. It uses reflection to parse exception properties and display the content using a tree view. Inner exceptions can be unfolded and viewed. Exception data can be copied to the clipboard.

Folder Size Browser

Shows folder size information.

Wikipedia browser for Microsoft Surface

Wikipedia browser for Microsoft Surface allows to search Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons on Microsoft Surface device.