WPF Behavior Library

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WPF Behavior Library is a set of additional actions for WPF that allow you to add extra behaviors to a control quickly and easily. Currently the only behavior is Drag & Drop but more are planned. Help, comments, and feedback are welcome.




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JulMar MVVM Helpers + Behaviors

The MVVM Helper + Behavior library is a set of classes for WPF developers to help them build Model-View-ViewModel oriented applications. It includes some useful WPF classes, a base framework for MVVM and a bunch of Blend behaviors, triggers and actions.

Touch - Multi-Touch Behaviors for Silverlight 3 and WPF 3.5SP1

The APIs in WPF4 plus the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch make building common touch scenarios easy. However, implementing many of the same touch scenarios using WPF3.5SP1 or Silverlight 3/4 involves writing a fair bit more code. We're here to help!

Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit Behavior Extensions

"Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit Behavior Extensions" is a project made as an extension to the existing "Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone". This project contains behaviors which can be used by designers to set page transitions or the tilt effect without writing any xaml.

django-model-behaviors-example - Example implementations of Django Model Behavior abstractions.

Example implementations of Django Model Behavior abstractions.

impactjs-behaviors - A lightweight behavior framework for ImpactJS

A lightweight behavior framework for ImpactJS


Yii behavior that not only checks the normal object inheritance, but also attached behaviors.

behaviors - Behavior based object composition in Python.

Behavior based object composition in Python.

more-behaviors - Behavior Filters for MooTools More

Behavior Filters for MooTools More

Dragdrop - Dragdrop in railz

Dragdrop in railz

gong-wpf-dragdrop - git-svn import of http://code.google.com/p/gong-wpf-dragdrop

git-svn import of http://code.google.com/p/gong-wpf-dragdrop

Temporal-Wars XNA Indie Game Engine

Temporal Wars 3D Engine includes a full suite of WYSIWG tools designed for rapid creation of your game world. Created for myself (Ben), now available for FREE.


Control native scrolling behavior on touch devices. Useful for preventing default momentum behaviors in mobile browsers.


Checkers is a flexible test authoring framework for Python.Checkers is designed around the idea that tests are really composed of several parts: test steps, test data, components under test, and test metadata. Checkers allows the user to have control over all of these areas, so it is easy to customize behavior. However, default behaviors are implemented so that writing simple tests is still super simple.

gocells - Tideland Go Cells

The Tideland Go Cells provide a package for the creation of event based applications with networked concurrently working cells. The way how they process the recevied events is defined by behaviors. During the processing of an event a cell can emit multiple events to its subscribers.Major package providing the infrastructure for event based applications. It is organized as an environment of networked cells. Each cell is controlled by its behavior implementing the according interface. It receives events, processes them, and can emit a number of new events during this time. Those events are then received by those cells which subscribed to the individual cell.

gdx-ai - Artificial Intelligence framework for games based on libGDX or not

An artificial intelligence framework, entirely written in Java, for game development with libGDX.The gdxAI project is a libGDX extension living under the libGDX umbrella. However it does not force you to use that specific framework if you do not wish to do so. The libGDX jar remains an essential requirement, mostly due to the use of libGDX collections which are optimized for mobile platforms by limiting garbage creation and supporting primitive types directly, so avoiding boxing and unboxing.

docker-lambda - Docker images and test runners that replicate the live AWS Lambda environment

A sandboxed local environment that replicates the live AWS Lambda environment almost identically – including installed software and libraries, file structure and permissions, environment variables, context objects and behaviors – even the user and running process are the same.You can use it for testing your functions in the same strict Lambda environment, knowing that they'll exhibit the same behavior when deployed live. You can also use it to compile native dependencies knowing that you're linking to the same library versions that exist on AWS Lambda and then deploy using the AWS CLI.

canvas-dragdrop.js - Lightweight dragdrop framework for arbitrary HTML5 canvas elements

Lightweight dragdrop framework for arbitrary HTML5 canvas elements

DragDropQtMVC - DragDrop with Qt/C++ using MVC

DragDrop with Qt/C++ using MVC