bulma-tooltip - Bulma's extension to display tooltip on desktop layout

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Display a tooltip attached to any kind of element, in different position.




Related Projects

bulma-extensions - This repository provides a simple access to all of my extensions for Bulma.io

  •    Javascript

This repository provide a simple access to all extensions for Bulma. Each extensions is a git submodule.

react-bulma-components - React components for Bulma framework

  •    Javascript

Form elements are imported as part of the Form class. Since CSS logic is separated from this library, there is no special setup required with the library. Simply follow the instructions in the official documentation. You only need to make sure the CSS is properly imported for your website.

bulma-templates - free flexbox templates built with the bulma css framework

  •    HTML

The original bulma templates were made with version 0.1.1 and can be found in the 0.1.1 branch. The newest templates are made with version 0.6.0 and can be found in the master branch until they are finished and will be tagged in a 0.6.x branch once complete. The templates on dansup.github.io are based on the master branch. Code released under the MIT license.

re-bulma - No longer maintained, sorry ­čĺÄBulma components for React

  •    Javascript

No longer maintained, sorry. Bulma components build with react (based bulma(https://github.com/jgthms/bulma) v0.1.0) This repository is heavily under development and unstable.

Buefy - Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma

  •    Vue

Buefy is a lightweight library of responsive UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma framework and design. It supports both Material Design Icons and FontAwesome. Buefy is the javascript layer for your Bulma interface, since it doesn't require for it to be a sophisticated Single-Page Application. You can import it completely or single components on a ordinary webpage and use Vue.js as a replacement for jQuery

bloomer - A set of React components for Bulma CSS Framework

  •    TypeScript

Bulma should be included in your project. The online documentation resides in bloomer page, you can find all the different topics related to this library.

BulmaJS - Unofficial javascript extension to the awesome Bulma CSS framework.

  •    Javascript

This is an unofficial JavaScript extension for the Bulma CSS framework. BulmaJS is still in development, you can keep track of current, pending, completed and planned tasks on the official Trello board.

tooltip - React Tooltip

  •    Javascript

Tooltip requires a child node that accepts an onMouseEnter, onMouseLeave, onFocus, onClick event. This means the child node must be a built-in component like div or span, or a custom component that passes its props to its built-in component child. If you do it like this, a screenreader would read the content of your tooltip if you focus the input element.

react-hint - Tooltip component for React, Preact, Inferno

  •    Javascript

React-hint is a small tooltip component for React which is developed with simplicity and performance in mind. It also plays nicely with Preact and Inferno. You don't need to include ReactHint in every component which uses tooltips, just include it once in the topmost container component. In case you need to define multiple instances of ReactHint, you can customise the attribute name per instance. ReactHint also supports custom tooltip content with attached event handlers by overriding the content renderer and returning a react node.

react-tooltip - react tooltip component

  •    Javascript

You can import node_modules/react-tooltip/standalone/react-tooltip.min.js into your page. Please make sure that you have already imported react and react-dom into your page.

popper-core - ­čŹ┐Positioning tooltips and popovers is difficult. Popper is here to help!

  •    Javascript

Given an element, such as a button, and a tooltip element describing it, Popper will automatically put the tooltip in the right place near the button. It will position any UI element that "pops out" from the flow of your document and floats near a target element. The most common example is a tooltip, but it also includes popovers, drop-downs, and more. All of these can be generically described as a "popper" element.

react-portal-tooltip - Awesome React tooltip

  •    Javascript

Awesome tooltips. StatefulToolTip takes the same props as ToolTip, plus a className prop that will be applied to the root element wrapping the parent (see the example).

simptip - A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass

  •    CSS

What you see in the data-tooltip attribute is the text content of the tooltips, and the value of class attribute is tooltop's position. You can use .simptip-position-right , .simptip-position-bottom and .simptip-position-left class for other positions that you would like.

Laravel Enso - Full featured Single Page Application boilerplate

  •    PHP

Laravel Enso is a full featured Single Page Application boilerplate. It aims to deliver a robust boilerplate for any complex business application, with superiour performance. The beauty of Bulma combined with the flexibility of Vue powered by a Laravel Back End.

Bulma - Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

  •    CSS

Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox. It provides ready-to-use frontend components that you can easily combine to build responsive web interfaces. It is simple, easily customizable and doesn't impose Javascript implementations, so it integrates in any JS environment.


  •    Sass

Integrates Bulma with the rails asset pipeline. A modern CSS framework based on Flexbox.

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