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This is a full web application which is developed in .NET 2.0 using c#, xml, MS SQL, aspx.



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XML Editor/Validator/Designer with CAMV

CAM XML Editor & CAMV tool with SQL + XML Open-XDX sponsored by Oracle

Zenark's XML for SQL

Define your database structure and relations once using the ZsqlML (Zenark's SQL Markup Language) XML DTD, and then generate mulitple vendor-specific SQL scripts, thereby solving the issue of SQL script variances across multiple platforms.

XDAGen - XML Data Access Generator, for SQL/XML compliant databases

XML Data Access Generator, for SQL/XML compliant databases

Python SQL 2000 HTTP-XML Database

This project provides a means to access Microsoft's SQL Server when installed with their HTTP / SQL XML interface component.

XSQL - combining XML and SQL

XSQL combines the power of XML and SQL to provide a language and database independent means to store and retrieve SQL queries and their results.


ActiveDocument is an open source Ruby connector for MarkLogic server, although at a later date it could potentially expanded to work with other XML databases. The goal of ActiveDocument is to make it as easy for developers to work with MarkLogic as ActiveRecord makes it for them to work with an RDBMS. The intent is to make them write as little XQuery as possible. If they can get 80% of their tasks done without having to write any XQuery that should increase adoption. Performance is less of a con

BCP2SQLAzure: Free tool to import/export data between SQL Azure and SQL Server

SQL Azure BCP makes it easier for database admins and developers, to do bulk copy loads into SQL Azure. This bcp replacement allows you to define each load using an easily XML file. It´s developed using C#. Adhoc SQL Query Application

The Adhoc SQL Query Application builds sql queries in a secure manner and prevents sql injection attacks. You configure db connections and sql queries in an XML file. The application supports select, execute, and sql batches. And you can output the results in a CVS file.

NET2CsExportData -To export data quickly(SQL Server 2000/2005, Access,Xml,Excel)

supports : - Microsoft Access (2003 - *.mdb) - Microsoft Sql Server 2000 - 2005 and Express(*.mdf) - XML (*.xml) - Excel (*.xls)

T.S.T. the T-SQL Test Tool

TST simplifies the task of writing and running test automation for T-SQL code. Written in T-SQL it provides an API similar to those provided by other Unit Testing frameworks. Can produce test reports in XML format. It provides automatic rollback, dataset comparison support, etc.

Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX)

TPoX is an XML database benchmark based on a financial application scenario. It is used to evaluate the performance of XML database systems, focusing on XQuery, SQL/XML, XML storage, XML indexing, XML Schema support, XML updates, and other aspects.

turtle SQL

turtle SQL, a product designed to generate the SQL Server 2005/2008 documentation. It supports, export of documentation generated to Excel, Pdf and XML.

PIXES, an SQL/ XML scripting language

PIXES is a scripting language with a focus on SQL by using statements defined by XML tags. The tags are executed by a Java-based interpreter.


Piscator is a small SQL/XML search engine. Once an XML feed is loaded, it can be queried using plain SQL. The setup is almost identical to the DB2 side tables approach.

Simple Batch

Project Description This is a simple batch framework allowing you to define batch jobs in a basic XML format. Contains a basic selection of built-in actions (data processors) such as the following; File (Text, CSV, XML) Email SQL (SQL Server Client) SharePoint (Docum...


An XML technologies-based code generation tool, currently supporting generating robust SQL Server 2005 code with C# data access wrappers. This tool has been in development as a side project for over 5 years, and has been used to create enterprise-level databases, access tiers...

SQL XML Bulk Load

SQL XML Bulk Load SSIS 2008 Task

Xml2Sql - PHP Script to import XML informations in SQL databases

PHP Script to import XML informations in SQL databases

Sql2Xml - PHP script to transform SQL database informations in XML

PHP script to transform SQL database informations in XML

phpassignments - simple php/sql/xml assignments for class

simple php/sql/xml assignments for class