WebLibraryMaker - Create your asp.net user control libraries freely.

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Post-build tool transforming any WebApplication into a library containing .ascx controls. It is easy to use resulting library like a set of Custom Controls.




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Build and merge ASP.NET user controls into DLL library which can be later used to dynamically load these user controls from code into other web application projects. You'll no longer need to distribute aspx/ascx files within this library, it is already merged to single DLL.

ILMerge-GUI, the .NET merger

Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.

Gilma - GUI for ILMerge Application

Gilma is a front-end application to ILMerge: Microsoft's command-line utility that can be used to merge multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. ILMerge is freely available from Microsoft's web site. ILMerge's license does allow commercial usage.

ILMerge - ILMerge is a static linker for .NET Assemblies.

ILMerge is a utility that merges multiple .NET assemblies into a single assembly. It is freely available for use and is available as a NuGet package.If you have any problems using it, please get in touch. (mbarnett at microsoft dot com). But first try reading the documentation.

ILRepack.MSBuild.Task - MSBuild task for ILRepack which is an open-source alternative to ILMerge.

MSBuild task for ILRepack which is an open-source alternative to ILMerge.


Solution Visual Studio 2010 with example of merging output to one assembly by ILMerge.

Costura - Provides an alternative to ILMerge.

Provides an alternative to ILMerge.

il-repack - Open-source alternative to ILMerge

Open-source alternative to ILMerge

ILRepack-BuildTasks - MSBuild and NAnt tasks for IL-Repack, the open source clone of ILMerge.

MSBuild and NAnt tasks for IL-Repack, the open source clone of ILMerge.

Commerce Server Startersite

This template implements the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site in P&P's Web Client Software Factory. Uses standalone Foundational Module for each one of the Commerce Server Systems (Profile, Catalog, Orders, Inventory). Implements the View (aspx,ascx) Presenter(.cs) in Busine...

A FREE and SIMPLE ASP.NET weather control you can customize (VB)

This ascx control displays current weather and weather forecast data on your ASP.NET website straight from an XML feed on weather.com. This is very easy to implement and extremely easy to customize. All you need to do is set a few variables and you're up and running. Very Imp...

Dynamic Grid Data Type for Umbraco

The Dynamic Grid Data Type for Umbraco is a custom ASCX/C# control that was created to store tabular data as an Umbraco "Data Type". There's an ability to add/remove rows/columns and it writes the whole grid to the database as an XML string. All done via UpdatePanels.

508 Compliance Validator

This tool checks aspx and ascx pages against 508 Accessibilty guidelines and also allows you to add your own rules.


PhatStudio is a Visual Studio plugin which lets you quickly navigate to any file in your project in just a few keystrokes, even for very large projects. It also includes a header flip/switch to related file feature, bound to Alt+S by default. Header flip will switch between a .cpp file and corresponding .h/.hpp file. It will also switch between other related file types, such as aspx/aspx.cs and ascx/ascx.cs.


GUI for ILMerge Application


The reverse of ILMerge - a tool to decompose an assembly into the maximal number of sub assemblies

Colt - Scientific and Technical Computing in Java

Colt distribution consists of several free Java libraries bundled under one single uniform umbrella. Namely the Colt library, the Jet library, the CoreJava library, and the Concurrent library. It provides support for resizable arrays, dense, sparse matrices, histogramming functionality, Random Number Generators etc.

helios-kernel - Include-style dependency manager and module loader

Helios Kernelprovides the necessary features intended to make dependency managementsimple and straightforward. Syntax of a module and dependencydeclaration is implemented in the classic include-style:```js// list of dependenciesinclude('path/to/someLibrary.js');include('../path/to/anotherLibrary.js');init = function() { // module code, // objects declared in the included modules are available at this point LIB.someLibrary.sayHello();}```A set of dependencies is listed in the module head

QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt

Computer vision and image processing library for Qt.

ocaml-conduit - Resolve URIs into communication channels for Async or Lwt

The `conduit` library takes care of establishing and listening for TCP and SSL/TLS connections for the Lwt and Async libraries.The reason this library exists is to provide a degree of abstractionfrom the precise SSL library used, since there are a variety of waysto bind to a library (e.g. the C FFI, or the Ctypes library), as wellas well as which library is used (just OpenSSL for now).By default, OpenSSL is used as the preferred connection library, butyou can force the use of the pure OCaml TLS