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WebFu is a collection of tools that assist in using MVC/MVP functionality to webforms in an unobtrusive manner. It aims to be modular so that the library can be used in whole or liberally copied in part. This differs from a hybrid MVC/WebForms page in that you can use metho...




Related Projects

ASP.NET WebForms Ajax Available User Control

There are several approaches to use ajax callback in ASP.NET. We can use PageMethods in WebForms (but not in User Controls), ScriptServices or implement ICallbackEventHandler for your code-behind class and even use jQuery post or get methods to call webforms or pagemethods (bu...

AJAX Control Framework

Do PageMethods and the UpdatePanel make you feel dirty? Think building AJAX enabled ASP.NET applications should WAY easier than it is? Wish ASP.NET AJAX wasn't so bloated? You don't have to settle or compromise. Come see the light with the AJAX Control Framework.


Abstraction library which enables the authoring of Ajax ScriptControl objects which can be consumed by both WebForms and MVC applications.

Ajax Toolbar for ASP.NET

This toolbar is an Ajaxian ASP.NET WebControl for WebForms and has both a server-side and client-side API. The control is written in C# with the 3.5 BCL and uses the MS AJAX client library. It also uses CSS heavily for its presentatin and its style sheet can be easily customized.

CrudeFx 2.0

A CRUD framework implemented using MVP concept for Microsoft .net Winforms. It can be used to extend the system for asp.net webforms. It is developed using C#.

DNN Simple Blog

A simplified blog module that adheres to the DNN API and is designed for a single blog author per module instance. The module also makes use of Webforms MVP to make it testable.


This is a small sample project that has web UI that emulates simple chat. ASP.NET WebForms, MVP, LINQ-to-SQL, Generic Repository, IoC WCF,jQuery


Sample HTML webform using Ajax requests to submit with no page refresh or redirect

MinCms noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System.

MinCMS noninvasive ASP.NET WebForms System. A simple helper to publish, manage, edit a CMS-like-WebForms-System.

Form State Keeper

Form State Keeper is a HttpModule that will keep the state of a web form, even if the the forms authentication times out and the user has to login again after clicking the submit button. Works with WebForms, Ajax and ASP.NET MVC.


SpeakOut is a blog engine through which I want to try new (or old) technologies and ideas. Among the technologies I'm using or will be using are: WebForms (now), MVC (future), Entity Framework, Ajax and whatever interesting technologies I come across during the process.

ProDinner ASP.net Awesome WebForms Sample Application

prodinner sample application for ASP.net Awesome jQuery Ajax Controls

CarrotCake, an ASP.Net WebForms CMS

A template-based ASP.Net CMS built with C#, SQL server, jQueryUI, and TinyMCE. Supports multi-tenant webroot and database and works well in medium trust.


A very simplified example of sending an ASP.NET WebForms "postback" via jQuery AJAX to a separate aspx file

Nucleo.NET MVP

The Nucleo MVP framework provides a Model-View-Presenter approach that isn't obtrusive, can be utilized in multiple environments, and is versatile. Providing a lot of features you see in other frameworks, the Nucleo MVP framework provides many extensibility points, pretty muc...

Claymore MVP

Claymore is a simple MVP (Model View Presenter) framework targeting ASP.NET and Winform developers. Compact Framework is also supported.

Evolution.Net MVP - C# Model-View-Presenter Framework

Evolution.Net is a complete framework for enterprise app development using DotNet. It will be made from various modules useful in the complicated job of building and maintaining systems. It’s main module is Evolution.Net MVP, based on the MVP (Model-View-Presenter) pattern.

Model View Presenter (MVP) For Win Forms and ASP.NET Examples

Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is a great pattern for creating re-usable and testable applications whether it is for Windows Forms or for ASP.NET. You don’t need any DLL files at all to turn your project in to MVP project. You just need to follow some basic guidelines and rules.